What Is Auteur Cinema?


An auteur can be defined as a film director who influences their films so much that they rank as their author. 

Would you like to find out more about Auteur cinema and its features?

Put simply, an auteur is a director that has an unique style and narrative in their filmmaking.


The concept first appeared in France during the 1940s. The auteur cinema was first coined by directors such as André Bazin, Alexandre Astruc, and François Truffaut.


It becomes easier to distinguish who is an auteur when you begin to understand the concept.

No need for long and boring explanations. It is possible to spot an auteur movie from miles away.


Even if you don't know anything about the movie, each sequence of that movie is filled with that director's signature style.

Auteur directors are carefully involved with every single aspect of their movies.


The concept was first coined by French new wave cinema artists. Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks were amongst the first directors that were granted to this title.


It should be noted that this wasn't a race to earn the title 'auteur.' The concept has created its own examples over time.


Stanley Kubrick can be counted as an example. For instance, Kubrick's movies do not resemble one another when you consider their plots. However, you can easily sense a signature style when you watch all of his films by looking at his camera angles or obscured sense of humor.

Which directors could be considered as auteurs? Let's take a moment to think about this.


It is not possible to come up with all of the talented auteurs in an instance. Considering a repetitive visual pattern might be helpful to spot and understand who is making auteur cinema.

Such as Quentin Tarantino...

Paul Thomas Anderson.


It's a real shame if your path has not crossed Paul Thomas Anderson.

And certainly Wes Anderson! The ambassador for vivid colors and perfect symmetry...


Martin Scorsese


Woody Allen


Andrey Tarkovski

Krzysztof Kieslowski


Lars von Trier


Michael Haneke


Ingmar Bergman


We would like to take a bow to these auteurs and their talent!



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