What Happened to the Beauty Mogul: Kim Kardashian Shared Her Struggle With Psoriasis In The Funniest Way Possible!


On Monday, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories to share the news of her recent psoriasis flare-up, and how she's trying to beat the condition!

We have known her skin condition since 2011.

Kim Kardashian told her experiences with psoriasis during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Kim's psoriasis has flared up particularly badly, and she doesn't shy of her condition.

She shares her leg alongside a sarcastic caption: sexy!

she revealed she'd been in search of a remedy.

And she was given a "nasty" drink to consume twice a day!

And a light therapy machine to help rid her psoriasis!

Kim decided to make funny of the whole thing, sharing this photo of brown splotches covering her face.

She wrote, "Psoriasis is the shits."

She repeated the same photo with new text assuring fans she did not put feces on her visage as a treatment. “It’s just herbal ointment,” she typed on that picture.

"It’s just herbal ointment,” she wrote.

From her "new best friend" light therapy to herbal ointments and smoothies we're sure Kim will keep us posted on the results of her treatments!

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