What Did We Do To Deserve Dogs? George the Jack Russell Dies Saving Kids!


"Who is a good boy?" The answer of this question is, without a doubt, George, Jack Russell terrier ❤️

A feisty Jack Russell terrier has given his life to save five children from a mauling by two savage pit bulls.

9-year-old dog George was playing with a group of children, aged between three and twelve years of age, in Manaia, New Zealand. When 2 pitbulls attacked the children, George intervened between the two other dogs and the children. He defended children from an attack by two pit bulls but subsequently died of his injuries.

And his statue is erected in memory of him.

"In memory of GEORGE who gave his life on Kauae Streer, 29th April 2007, protecting children from two savage dogs."

"George tried to protect us by barking and rushing at them, but they started to bite him - one on the head and the other on the back."

"He jumped in on them, he tried to keep them off. If it wasn't for George, those kids would have copped it."

We love you George, you were the best ❤️❤️

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