Weird Wonders Of Nature: 22 Animals That Are Totally Out Of This World!


Nature is beautiful. We all agree on that. But we usually forget how weird it can also be. Just when you think you’ve seen enough weirdness, it amazes you with another strange member of the animal kingdom. Here are 22 of those strange animals from around the world!


1. Oar fish

The oarfish isn’t usually seen by humans as it rarely makes it to the surface of the ocean. This one in the picture was found dead off the coast of Australia. I’m pretty sure it’s not the kind of friendship you’d like to build in your summer vacation anyway.

2. Giraffe-necked weevil

The male weevils have these long necks and they use them to fight other males. A bit aggressive, don’t you think?

3. Frilled shark

It’s a prehistoric shark with needle-like teeth. Unless you’re thousands of feet underwater, don’t worry about running (swimming?) into them. They stay very deep and are rarely seen.

4. The Japanese spider crab

The crab in the picture above measured 10 feet from claw to claw. Its nickname is also “Crabzilla.” Makes sense.

5. A deep sea hatchetfish

This creature thing was discovered .8 miles under water near the Great Barrier Reef. It is basically one big head.

6. The mighty mirror carp

This fish’s name is Fat Lady (how rude, right?). She was Britain’s biggest freshwater fish and was caught over 200 times. She was over 30 years old when she passed away. She also weighed 60 pounds. She would probably eat you. No, not joking.

7. A one-eyed albino shark

No, it’s not from a weird sci-fi movie, no matter how weird it looks. This one-eyed albino shark was apparently cut from a pregnant bull shark in the Gulf of California. This picture is the only reminder of it.

8. Mekong catfish

This is a picture of a man hugging a 200-pound Mekong catfish in Thailand. That’s pretty much it.

9. A giant catfish

The guy you see in the picture caught this giant catfish WITH HIS BARE HANDS. “When we were swimming, we suddenly saw a giant fish. We then swam close to the fish quietly and circled it in the center. I dashed forward to grab its head while the other two caught its body. The fish was quite forceful and struggled fiercely in the water.” He says.

10. Naked mole rat

Naked mole rats live in colonies underground mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. If you actually find them cute, don’t ever call me again. OK, maybe they are just a little cute, in a very bizarre way.

11. Arapaima

The arapaima is one of the world’s biggest freshwater fish. This one in the picture was found in the River Essequibo in Guyana.

12. Star-nosed mole

Those hands. That “nose.” What am I even looking at?

13. Gharial

This gharial was found in India. It’s about the size of a human man (6 feet), but it’s certainly more terrifying than a human man.

14. Halibut

This 7-foot halibut was caught off the coast of Norway’s Lofoten Islands. It was too big to bring on the boat so the fisherman jumped into the water to take a picture. And yes, this is the halibut WE EAT.

15. Mata-Mata Turtle

The mata-mata turtle is also called “the weirdest turtle ever.” That face? I don’t know what to call it.

16. Hairy Frogfish

This fish doesn’t swim. It walks on its fins on the seafloor. Seriously.

17. Wolf eel

That’s a baby wolf eel. The adults grow to be 7 feet long.

18. Bulldog ant

These ants are found in Australia and they can sting you. They have those teeth for a reason.

19. Giant stingray

This giant stingray was “caught” on the Mekong River in Cambodia.

20. Aye-aye

Aye-ayes are found in Madagascar and are nocturnal. That’s probably why it looks so damn terrified of the flash in the picture above.

21. Spiny leaf insect

A unique species of stick insect from Australia. Rumor has it that these are commonly found in pet stores all over the world, and are quite popular as pets. We just don’t wanna believe it, to be honest.

22. Lamprey

The lamprey is a fish that lives in the ocean but spawns in freshwater. This one was caught near Portland, Oregon. It may or may not suck your blood. Don’t push your luck, maybe.

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