Tom Hanks’ 'The ‘Burbs' (1989) Strikes on Peacock This June

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The ‘Burbs is one of those rare films that strikes a sweet balance between comedy and horror. Serving up classic legendary stars such as Tom Hanks and the late Carrie Fisher, The ‘Burbs is one unforgettable black comedy film.

'The 'Burbs' Storyline

The movie follows Ray Peterson, who is home on leave in a suburban neighbourhood. Late at night, he hears strange noises coming from his new queer neighbours The Klopeks' basement. 

When Ray and two of his neighbour friends, Art Weingartner and Mark Rumsfield, begin to observe more suspicious activities from the Klopeks, they become curious to investigate what's hidden in their basement. 

Furthermore, when Walter Seznick, an elderly neighbourhood resident suddenly goes missing, the trio grows more suspicious that the Klopeks are behind his disappearance. Convinced of their hunch, Ray, Art, and Mark set out to ransack the Klopeks’ house after they leave for a conference. 

The ‘Burbs serves just the right number of spooks and comedy to keep you glued to your screen for 1 hour and 41 minutes.

'The 'Burbs' Cast Members

Starring in the lead role is Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson. Carrie Fisher plays Ray's wife Carole, while Cory Danziger plays the son Dave.

Henry Gibson depicts Dr Werner Klopek, Brother Theodore is Uncle Reuben Klopek, and Courtney Gains is the nephew Hans Klopek. 

Ray’s neighbours consist of Bruce Dern as Mark, Wendy Schaal as Mark’s trophy wife Bonnie, Rick Ducommun as Art and Patrika Darbo as Art's wife, Suzette. 

Corey Feldman plays the neighbourhood teenager Ricky Butler, with Heather Haase playing Ricky’s girlfriend and Nick Katt as Ricky’s friend Steve Kuntz. 

The Lucy Show veteran, the late Gale Gordon, enacts Walter Seznick, with Brenda Benner serving as Walter’s daughter.

With backing from 86% of the audience, The ‘Burbs will forever be a legend. Catch it now on Peacock.

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