This Artist Creates Striking Geometric Tattoos Inspired By Nature’s Microscopic World!


Roxx is a San Francisco-based tattoo artist who adorns her clients with minimalist geometric designs that sprawl across their arms, chests, and legs. She uses only black ink and contours a person’s body, making them seem like they’re a partial cyborg!


1. Roxx started her tattoo career 30 years ago.

2. She began in the 1980s by inking tribal designs onto skin exploring different visual approaches from indigenous cultures around the world.

3. “I was doing that a really long time, so I started blowing those designs up to become more graphic but less detailed,” Roxx says.

4. “And I got bored with that. I started really whittling things down to really simplistic shapes.”

5. After that, she experimented with various phases of color work until arriving at her current style that favors abstraction over maximalist imagery.

6. To create her contemporary works, Roxx looks to the structure of leaves and shells.

7. Specifically, “The repeating patterns and the geometry,” she explains, “the stuff that’s always fascinated mystics and philosophers and shamans.”

8. She says the deeper she delves into this microscopic world, the more she’s fascinated with it.

9. “When you’re drawing things straight onto the body, they have another magical quality to them that is often lost.” she says.

10. The patterns and details in her works are absolutely stunning.

11. And here are some of her best works...


13. You can also visit her Instagram account for more.








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