These 3 Questions Can Only Be Answered By Geniuses Or Schizophrenics!


Could you ever guess that the answers you give can reveal your psychological state?  Some questions are used by psychologists to understand weather patients need professional help or to test if they’re geniuses. Bright Side found 3 of those key questions.

Let’s see what kind of psychological stage you’re in.


1. What do a kettle and a steamboat have in common?


Click to see.

2. What do a race car and a tornado have in common?


Click to see.

3. What do a shoe and a pencil have in common?


Click to see.

Now the most interesting part: Who are you?

If you couldn’t find the answers for these questions, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. But if they all were very easy for you, then you have a tendency to have some psychologic problems and it’s better to get professional help at this point to see if everything is okay.

These tests are a type of contraposition method, which reveals one’s level of awareness.

An ordinary person would possibly answer “nothing” if you ask them the common point of a crow and a desk. In some point, they’ll be right. Those two things are not meant to be compared. However, a schizophrenic would try to find a deep connection between these two items and make this statement without thinking too long.

People write letters at their desks and a crow has feathers that can be used to write with.

But how can you spot the difference between a real genius and schizophrenic?

The main difference is that a person with schizophrenia would answer these questions immediately; where a genius would try to think, focus and find a unique answer.

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