These 17 Photos About Emotional Attachments To Inanimate Objects Will Make You Laugh!


All human beings have the feelings of empathy. For that reason when we see someone in trouble, or something that needs us, we want to help. We feel these emotions for human beings and animals, but sometimes, people also feel it for an inanimate object.  We gathered some beatiful hearts for you...


1. Roombas are important for us!

2. "I have to get it because I'm afraid no one else will love it."

3. Dear poor limes 🤣

4. You're not alone, we all love congos 😍

5. "THE ugliest Christmas tree in existence" 😂

6. "I couldn't stop thinking about the poor little cow"

7. "No one wants to buy crushed things except me!"

8. "I am sorry you didn't get to go home with anyone today!"

9. Give the duck a loving home!

10. "I cleaned the headstone, because it was dirty!"

11. "I want to save this sad little wheelychopter."

12. Everyone loves penguins!

13. "I was sad because of chocolate hen 😪"

14. "I kept apologising to it on the drive home"

15. "My stuff equals to people around me"

16. "I don't want it to be sad"

17. Human beings don't understand!

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