'The Watcher': Everything We Know About The Chart-breaking Netflix Thriller

'The Watcher': Everything We Know About The Chart-breaking Netflix Thriller

Kimjun Demo
October 18 2022 - 05:55pm

Not so long after Ryan Murphy's success with his previous movie 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer's Story', he is back again in his writing career as his new mini-series 'The Watcher'' will have a Netflix adaptation. With the mysteries bound into it, horror elements, and breathtaking scenes, the show likely has the potential to attract many viewers to Netflix's streaming platform.

But what is the series all about? As you read the entirety of this text, you will be guided by the information about the series.

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What is the Netflix Series "The Watcher" All About?

The Watcher tells the detailed story of a newly relocated family in the New Jersey suburbs who were stalked and threatened by an unknown person for an unknown reason. The mysterious person was giving them a letter behind the shadows, thus giving the family a feeling of fear and horror.

The series was derived from the article in New York magazine titled 'The Haunting of a Dream House' which was published in October 2018. The article narrated the anonymous threats that the Broaddus family had started to receive, such as serious death threats and creepy details about their home and children. Things began to get more intense when the police and authorities entered the case to find out who was behind the letters and spread fears.

Is The Watcher Series A Real-Life Story?

As expected, like Jeffrey Dahmer's series, The Watcher is also a real-life story. Although the director of the show told Ryan Murphy some artistic changes to make the show more engaging and suspenseful and to make the viewer skip a heartbeat, the plot of the story is derived from the truth.

The person who introduced himself as 'The Watcher' eventually had an obsession with 657 Boulevard and the family that bought the house.

Who Are The Real-Life Personalities of The Broaddus Family?

Who Are The Real-Life Personalities of The Broaddus Family?

Derek and Maria Broaddus made their dreams come true when they bought a $1.2 million dream house in Westfield, New Jersey in 2014. Derek, who was the vice president of an insurance company in Manhattan, helped them find and buy a house.

But right after they purchased it, they began receiving letters that brought them fear and discomfort before they even moved into the house. Direk, the one who suggested buying the house for their family, even attempted to find the culprit behind the act, yet his quest was never-ending. He even used the term 'cancer' in his interview with New York Magazine in 2018 because he was unable to find the person behind that crime.

The Broaddus family received the first letter before they even moved into the house. In June 2014, they received a letter in a mailbox addressed to the new owner of that house.

Even in fear and trauma, the Broaddus family agreed to have an interview to share their terrifying story, but with some conditions. They requested Netflix to hide their identities and asked the actors to portray their roles as inaccurately as possible. Furthermore, the family stated that they will not watch their own show because it gives them shivers.

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The Watcher Cast

The cast of The Watcher consists of a poignant cast. Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts played Dean and Nors Brannock, also known as Derek and Maria Broaddus. while their daughter, Ellie, was portrayed by Isabel Gravitt.

Also, Jeniffer Coolidge took the role of the family's real estate agent, Karen Calhoun. One of their close neighbors was portrayed by Mia Farrow.

Where is The House in The Watcher Located In Real Life?

According to Zillow, the house is located in Westfield, New Jersey. To be more specific, the house stood on a stretch of 657 Boulevard with a width of 4,000 square feet, four bathrooms, and six bedrooms. Yet the house already had a long history and underwent renovation since it was built in 1905. According to New York Magazine, it was also a desirable place to live before it was surrounded by tree-lined streets.

From New York City, it would take 45 minutes to travel to Westfield. According to the American Census data, it has 30,700 residents and most of the families are in the middle class. In that 657-boulevard, the culprit stated that it was used to be the street to live on, and they (the family) made it if you lived on the Boulevard.

What Was the Letter All About?

The first part of the letter they received is actually in the tone of welcome. However, the latter part is in a less friendly manner. According to the letter sent by the culprit, 657 Boulevard has been the subject of his family for almost a decade, and as it approaches its 110th birthday, he said that he was put in charge of watching its second coming. In addition, he said that his grandfather looked after the house in the 1920s, and his father in the 1960s, and now he stated that it is now his time to be the watcher. He also asked questions like: 'Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what story lies within 657 Boulevard? Why are you here? '. The latter part of the letter also identified their cars and plans; they also called their 3 kids 'Youngbloods,' and in the conclusion, he left one terrifying question: 'Who Am I?'

Was The Watcher Caught?

After the threats and trauma that the family experienced, they decided to sell the house in 2019 for $800,00 at a loss of $400,000. After that, the residents have not reported any mysterious notes since then. Even though the investigation kept showing signs that the suspect might be found and arrested, it still didn't work.

Up to now, the mystery of The Watcher has remained unscathed in shadow. The case was not solved.

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