The Void: Possibly The Darkest And Scariest Movie Of The Year Is Here!


Every new year brings new releases that we wait for: games, movies, the next season of series, albums and what not. This horror movie, The Void, is hitting the movie theaters in the UK on March 31st; and in the US a week later. Let's learn about this movie, which will probably be the darkest and scariest movie of 2017!

The trailer of this horror movie has attracted a lot of attention!

The Void was written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, who also worked in movies such as Pacific Rim and Suicide Squad.

While Jeremy Gillespie works magic as an art director, Steven Kostanski is a make-up artist specializing in bloody scenes. Imagine how realistic The Void looks!

According to those who have seen the movie, The Void resembles The Thing by John Carpenter in terms of the general atmosphere and the story.

Once you watch the trailer below and see the creatures, you will also easily notice this.

It looks like lots of mystery, gore scenes, unique horror elements, and a mythological story is awaiting!

Jonathan Bronfman, who was the producer or The VVitch, is also involved with The Void. Actors include Ellen Wong, Kathleen Munroe, Aaron Poole, and Kenneth Welsh.

And a little bit about the plot:

A police officer comes across a young man whose face is covered with blood on a desolate street. The officer rushes this man to the nearest hospital, hands him over to the personnel and watches how rest of the story will unfold.

The hospital staff who notice that weird things are going on in the body of the injured man find themselves fighting for their lives alongside with the patients and the police officer.

Check when the movie will be released in your country!

And the exciting trailer:

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