The Rich History of the Ihlamur Pavilion, the Sultans' Sanctuary

The Rich History of the Ihlamur Pavilion, the Sultans' Sanctuary

Berfin Ceren Meray
April 09 2023 - 03:59pm

The Ihlamur Pavilion, situated between Beşiktaş and Nişantaşı, is a historical gem that served as a resting and horse riding area for sultans during the Ottoman period. It holds great significance as one of the most iconic landmarks of that era, located on the Ihlamur Promenade. The renowned architect Abdulmecit Nigoghos Balyan designed two kasirs, the 'Ceremonial Mansion' and the 'Entourage Mansion,' on the Ihlamur Promenade, with the former now recognized as the main Ihlamur Pavilion. Visited by thousands of people daily, the Ihlamur Pavilion is a must-see cultural site, showcasing the splendor of Turkish history.

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Information About the Ihlamur Pavilion

Information About the Ihlamur Pavilion

Ihlamur Pavilion is known as the casir at the Ihlamur Promenade, located in the valley between Besiktas and Nişantasi. This used to be a promenade filled with greenery, shaded by linden and plane trees, through which the Fulya stream flowed. The first part of the valley, where the hurricanes are located today, was the vineyards belonging to Hacı Hüseyin Ağa, one of the shipyard emins, during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III. Later, it joined the state treasury and was converted into a hasbahçe belonging to the sultan.

It is known that Sultan Selim III and Sultan Mahmud II held shooting competitions together with kemankeş in the second part of the field rising towards Yildiz. This information was obtained from some engagement stones that have survived to this day. The distances, degrees and dates of the sultans' shots into the water-filled jugs are also written on the stones. During the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid, the third part of the valley called the “Garden of Conversation” was added and afforestation works are being carried out. Sultan Abdulmecid built two hurricanes in this area in 1849-1855. He then gives the name 'Nuzhetiye' here, which means 'refreshment and freshness'.

During the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, various entertainments and pehlivan wrestling were organized in this hasbahçe, and in the following years it continued to be a place frequented by the sultan and his family for trips. The Ihlamur Pavilion was given to the Istanbul Municipality by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1951 after the proclamation of the Republic. Later it was organized as a ”Tanzimat Museum'. after the regulations in 1966, the Ihlamur Pavilions were opened to the public as a museum-palace in 1985.

The Ceremonial Pavilion within the Ihlamur Pavilions is reserved for the official use and ceremonies of Sultan Abdulmecid, while the Entourage Pavilion is reserved for the Sultan's entourage and harem. Kasırlar, which is a boarding or in other words, the Sultan's day-rest place, is a place where diplomatic guests are also entertained.

Architecture of the Ihlamur Pavilion

Architecture of the Ihlamur Pavilion

The Ceremonial Pavilion attracts attention with its entrance hall and one room on both sides of the hall. Stairs carrying Baroque lines suitable for the taste of the period on the facade, interesting and moving reliefs shape the appearance of the mansion.

In the interior decorations of the kasr, an ornament is applied in accordance with the Western understanding of decoration, which was also used in the nineteenth centuries in the Ottoman palaces. Furniture and upholstery elements in various European styles create integrity in the appearance of the space. This place consists of a single floor on a high subassembly. The rectangular planned mansion also stands out with its construction of cut stone.

Maiyet Pavilion, on the other hand, brings a more traditional style with its space arrangement consisting of corner rooms opening to the middle sofa. Stuko technique, which gives the appearance of marble in different colors on the walls of the rooms, attracts attention.

The Entourage Pavilion is a simpler structure compared to the Ceremonial Pavilion. There is a two-armed staircase on the entrance facade of this two-storey building. There is a hall and stairs in the middle of the entrance and 4 rooms in the corners.

The French Poet Lamartine and the Ihlamur Pavilion

The French Poet Lamartine and the Ihlamur Pavilion

The French poet Lamartine describes the Ihlamur Pavilion and its surroundings, where he was welcomed as a guest of the Sultan in 1846, in his memoirs with the following words:

'...There were big lindens in the garden opposite the building, which gave its name to this valley with its beautiful edible trees. In front of the three-step staircase leading to the pavilion, a small fountain that could not exceed the jasmine branches was pouring into the marble pool with a sweet spurt. Ihlamur is the Sultan's favorite mansion; he rests and contemplates here.'

Where is the Ihlamur Pavilion? How to Get to there?

Where is the Ihlamur Pavilion? How to Get to there?

Ihlamur Kasrı attracts attention as a summer Ottoman kasrı dating from the mid-1800s with its Baroque style carvings, cafe and well-kept gardens. This place attracts attention with its location right in the middle of Istanbul.

Some of the public transportation vehicles to the Ihlamur Pavilion are:














The address of the Ihlamur Pavilion:

Address: Teşvikiye, Nişantaşı Ihlamur Yolu Sk., 34357 Sisli/Istanbul

Entrance Fees to the Ihlamur Pavilion

Entrance Fees to the Ihlamur Pavilion

Entrance fees may vary depending on the age group and the status of visitors. The current entrance fees for the Ihlamur Pavilion are as follows:

Local Visitor Ticket Fee: 20 TL

Foreign Visitor Ticket Fee: 40 TL

Discounted Ticket Price: 10 TL

Garden Ticket Fee: 10 TL


Palaces, mansions, deckhouses, museums and historical factories are free for all local/foreign visitors between the ages of 0-6.

Discounted ticket service is offered to students between the ages of 07-25 who submit their student ID.

20% Discount is applied to tour companies that bring visitors of 20 people and above to palaces, mansions, palaces, museums and factories affiliated to the Presidency of National Palaces.

You can reach from the contact information to get more detailed information about the fees.

Contact Information

Phone: 0 (212) 259 50 86

Fax: 0 (212) 259 32 92


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Ihlamur Pavillion Visiting Hours

Ihlamur Pavillion Visiting Hours

Opening Time: 09:00

Closing Time: 18:00

Box Office Opening Time: 09:00

Box Office Closing Time: 17:30

Closed Days

On Mondays


Eid al-Fitr 1. Day

Eid al-Adha 1. Day

Eating and Drinking at the Ihlamur Pavilion

Eating and Drinking at the Ihlamur Pavilion

There is a cafeteria inside the Ihlamur Pavilion. This cafeteria is often preferred for relaxing after visiting the pavilion. There is also a breakfast service in the cafeteria. Since there are options such as an open buffet breakfast and a sprinkle breakfast, you can easily have breakfast accompanied by a view when you arrive here in the early hours. Ihlamur Kasri breakfast prices may vary periodically, so you can call and get information with the phone number before.

Places to Visit Near the Ihlamur Pavilion

Places to Visit Near the Ihlamur Pavilion

When you come to the Ihlamur Pavilion, there are a few places that you should see:

The Star Palace

Star Park

Dolmabahçe Palace

Çırağan Palace

Ortakoy Mosque

Ihlamur Pavilion Traveler Reviews

Ihlamur Pavilion Traveler Reviews

If you are planning to go to the Ihlamur Kasr, you may want to benefit from the experience of those who have visited here before. Here are reviews from travelers who have visited the Ihlamur Kasr before:

There are 2 kasir located in Beşiktaş, which the sultans built to accommodate their special guests and to relax from time to time. The big one, the hurricane, is open for visits. The other kasr's garden is at the state enterprise. The museum card is valid. I think you should definitely take a walk and drink linden tree in the garden...'

'It's a very nice area, it's calm.. peacocks and ducks are strolling. There are Japanese cherry trees that have opened in the winter season and a pond. The pavilion where we had dinner was calm, its unique atmosphere, its historical texture was very beautiful. The employees were interested and polite. There is a breakfast consisting of bagels, cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and another breakfast plate.'

'It's made up of two historic buildings. One is the Ceremonial Pavilion , the other is the Entourage Pavilion. The Ceremonial Pavilion has been preserved with its old historical structure and its belongings and can be visited. They turned the Maiyet Mansion into a restaurant. The prices are affordable. In a well-kept and spacious garden. Stylish little mansions with large gardens in Paris are very similar. It's nice to enjoy the summer in the garden. Families with children or those who want to have a good time in the garden may prefer. There is a section where there are rabbits in the garden. There is also a pool where ducks roam. Peacocks roam freely in the garden.'

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