The Max Original Taiwanese Drama Series ‘Who’s By Your Side’ Season 1 Premieres on May 12 on HBO Max

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The Taiwanese drama series Who’s By Your Side season 1 premieres on Thursday, May 12 via HBO Asia in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. 

Encompassing the horror, mystery, romance and thriller genres, Who’s By Your Side is a story that explores the good and evil of human nature as it centers on the challenges faced by both men and women in marriage.


A young married couple kicks off their marriage life with the wife believing that a husband and wife unite because of love. In reality, love may not be enough to conceal the differences between the two. Long-term dishonesty and lack of communication grapple their relationship, leading to a different form of crisis.

Production Status

Who’s By Your Side is written and directed by Peter Ho, and it Stars Janine Cheng (Zeng Yong Qi), Vivian Hsu (Zeng Yong Jie) and Kaiser Chuang (Jian Zhi Sheng) in the lead roles. The supporting cast consists of Lu Xue Feng (Aunt Hao), Michael Chang (Wu Zi Qing) and Wang Ko Yuan.

What's More

The drama series aired in Taiwan from August 2 2021 to December 5 2021, comprising 10 episodes, each running for 50 minutes. 

WarnerMedia has churned out around 30 HBO Asia original content, including Taiwanese "Trinity of Shadows" and "Dream Raider."

If you don’t mind binging on subtitled content, “Who’s By Your Side” is undoubtedly one to look into tonight.

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