The Legend of Vikings, Michael Hirst, is back with a New Project: Billy the Kid

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> The Legend of Vikings, Michael Hirst, is back with a New Project: Billy the Kid

Hirst characterizes his new work as more character-driven, lean, lyrical, and intimate than the previous ones. “I have adored this one deeply just like I regarded Billy from seven years old; I have vindicated my childhood,”  Michael added during a career masterclass.

Synopsis of 'Billy The Kid'

If 1883 left you in the urge for more epic romantic explorations and historical dramas, worry no more—Billy the Kid series majors on the conditions and era of the Western outcast. 

The film stars Tom Blyth of The Gilded Age depicting the American puppet outcast and Daniel Webber of The Dirt enacting Jesse Evans, a famous criminal and the head of the Seven Rivers Gang.

The Production Team

Michael Hirst of The Tudors and Vikings is the crucial writer of the eight-episode film. He displays Billy the Kid’s life story from his ordinary Irish roots to his infant days as a gunslinger and a cowboy on the American frontier and later to his central role in the war (Lincoln County). 

Michael Hirst chiefly produces the film alongside Darryl Frank, Donald De Line of De Line Pictures, Justin Falvey (Amblin TV), Toby Leslie (One Big Picture), and Otto Bathurst.

Trailer and Plot

Following the trailer, Billy, the orphaned teenager, draws his outcast ways from Jesse, who has already dived deeper into the life of crimes- castle rustling and robbing stores. Billy is allured by Jesse’s reckless and wild character and becomes his duplication in all fields. Jesse wholeheartedly welcomes Billy over into his outrageous ways.

Billy joins a New Mexican squad of cattle rustlers after growing into a wanted criminal for murdering a blacksmith in 1877. In 1878, Billy was blamed for eliminating three men in the Lincoln County War, including W. J. Brady, the Lincoln County Sheriff. 

Billy was detained and convicted to hang, although, in 1881, he escaped from the jail, murdering two deputies in the procedure. At 21 years old, Billy the Kid dies from a bullet fired by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Premiere Date

Let me not spoil it any further. Billy The Kid arrives this Sunday, April 24th via the Epix platform. Grab the whole story!