The Girl From Kanye West's Music Video Who Got Into A Fight With Rihanna: Teyana Taylor


Today on the celebrity gossip list ladies and gentlemen, the life of Teyana Taylor...the girl from Kanye West's music video for "Fade" has become very popular with the daring and sexy dance moves of a beautiful dancer. But who is she?

Kanye West's sensational music video of "Fade" hit has made headlines.

The stunning dancer of the video is Teyana Taylor.

She was born in December 10, 1990.

Teyana, who grew up in Harlem, signed with Pharell Williams' record studio at the age of 15.

When she was 16, she choreographed Beyoncé's "Ring The Alarm."

She celebrated her 16th birthday on the MTV show "My Super Sweet Sixteen."

Teyana has been in the show business world for a long time, pursuing careers in singing, dancing, modeling, and acting.

Teyana has also been collaborating with different brands. The Adidas model she designed broke the record as the fastest selling model.

Drake and Teyana were rumored to be lovers for some time.

We don't know if that's the reason, but Riri got into a nasty fight with Teyanna.

It all started when Teyana shared this video on Instagram. Then Rihanna shared this video, making fun of her. They got into an argument on Twitter, when Teyana compared Rihanna's net worth to the amount of men she supposedly slept with in the entertainment industry. Later on, Rihanna tweeted that she hates broke bitches. She deleted the tweets after, stating she will not advertise Teyana for free.

Teyana is now married with a kid.

Lately, she announced her marriage with NBA Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert to the public. They were engaged for quite a while.

The couple appeared in the "Fade" video together with their daughter.

Which created different reactions from people.

It's likely we will hear Teyana's name more in the near future, who has been working with Kanye West for a long time...

She's also good friends with the Kardashians.


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