The Blue Speedy Hedgehog, Sonic Returns for a New Netflix Show, ‘Sonic Prime’

The Blue Speedy Hedgehog, Sonic Returns for a New Netflix Show, ‘Sonic Prime’

Vivian Mwikali
December 12 2022 - 08:10pm

The blue Hedgehog is back with more animation projects for the kids. Netflix unveiled the official trailer for a new Sonic show, Sonic Prime season one. 

Sonic Prime joins other Netflix kids’ animation shows such as The Baby-Sitter’s Club, PJ Masks, Green Eggs & Ham, Hilda, and The Dragon Prince.

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What’s the Storyline for ‘Sonic Prime’?

Sonic Prime is an action-adventure, sci-fantasy, and comedy-drama kids’ series grounded on a Japanese video-game show of the same title by Yuji Naka, Hirokazu Yasuhara, and Naoto Ohshima. 

The upcoming show follows Sonic, the blue Hedgehog sailing across various dimensions to encounter new enemies while making new friends. Sonic partners with his newly-found friends to fight foes from every corner and save those in danger.

What’s in the Trailer for ‘Sonic Prime’?

It’s been three weeks since Netflix shared the official trailer for Sonic Prime season one, and fans cannot keep calm. In 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the trailer introduces Sonic, speedy as always, alongside his crew as they tackle their recurrent enemies. 

From super-static powers to magical treasure to various worlds, Sonic and the team strive to save the world no matter how strong their new enemies appear.

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Who Created ‘Sonic Prime’?

Sonic Prime is written by Duncan Rouleau and Justin Peniston, alongside chief producers Toru Nakahara, Shuji Utsumi, Yukio Sugino, Haruki Satomi, Logan McPherson, Stephanie Betts, Anne Loi, Josh Scherba, Erik Wiese, and Man of Action. 

The show’s producers include Mayumi Tachikawa, Hitoshi Okuno, Denise Tanchanco, Morgana Duque, and Melissa Beery. 

Sonic Prime rose from Netflix Animation, WildBrain Studios, Sega (America), and Man of Action Entertainment.

Who Casts in ‘Sonic Prime’?

Season one of Sonic Prime boasts plenty of talented voices, including Deven Mack’s (Sonic), Ian Hanlin’s (Big the Cat and Shadow), Adam Nurada’s (Knuckles), Shannon Chan-Kent’s (Amy Rose), Ashleigh Ball (Tails), and Brian Drummond (Eggman). Other characters include Vincent Tong and Kazumi Evans.

When is 'Sonic Prime' Season One Coming Out?

Sonic Prime Season one lands exclusively on Netflix on Thursday, December 15th 2022. The show contains eight episodes, of which seven go for 20 minutes, while the eighth (a special episode) will run for 40 minutes. 

Fans can stream the show on Netflix at $9.99 and $15.49 for basic and standard subscriptions.

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