Squid Game Director Teases Fans that Leonardo DiCaprio Could Join in Season 3

etiket Squid Game Director Teases Fans that Leonardo DiCaprio Could Join in Season 3

Pauline Nicole Sael
September 19 2022 - 06:50pm

Variety reports that Leonardo Di Caprio will reportedly join the cast of the acclaimed Korean drama on Netflix. According to reports, Netflix has extended the Korean series for two more seasons after it became a huge sensation.

Since Bong Joon-suspenseful ho's film Parasite won big at the Oscars in 2020, the door has been wide open for Western fans to watch Korean shows. Squid Game proved to be one of Netflix's most lucrative endeavors, demonstrating how well the streaming service benefited from this.

The Squid Game director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, recently revealed to Deadline that if a third season of the grueling drama series is approved, he plans to attempt and cast some well-known actors.

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Updates on Squid Game Season 2

The second season of the Korean program will begin filming in 2023 and will premiere online in 2024, according to Hwang. He added that the forthcoming season would see increases in production expenses and that the games that will be performed in the season have been verified.

The budget for the upcoming season has increased, according to Hwang, who is now scripting season 2 of the popular drama. Hollywood stars are 'not in my plan' for season 2, he added, but if a third season were to be approved, his strategy would 'definitely alter.'

Leonardo DiCaprio 'stated he is a big fan' many times, according to Hwang, 'if time and opportunities permitted, we should ask the actor to participate in the game. About that, we've already made jokes'

Squid Game Awards and Recognitions

With the exception of lead actor winner Lee Jung-jae, who was unable to attend due to the North American premiere of his directorial debut, 'The Hunt,' at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 'Squid Game' team, as mentioned by 'Variety,' was present at the celebration news conference.

In addition to awards from the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globes, 'Squid Games' received 14 Emmy Award nominations and took home six unprecedented victories.

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Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Lee), Outstanding Directing for A Drama Series (Hwang), Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series (Lee Yoo-mi), Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program, Outstanding Stunt Performance, and Outstanding Special Effects in a Single Episode were all awarded to the 'Squid Game' cast.

The first K-drama to top Netflix's top 10 weekly most-watched TV show charts globally in 94 different countries was Squid Game, which made its Netflix debut and quickly became a worldwide sensation. According to the streaming service, Squid Game received a staggering 1.65 billion hours of viewing in the first 28 days following its debut.

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