Rihanna Gave The Best Response When Fans Put Her Against Beyoncé!


Being a successful woman put both of these celebrities in the spotlight of the music scene. What would happen if these two are constantly compared with each other just because they are both successful black women? Rihanna had enough of this competition and bravely explained her thoughts on the subject!

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Rihanna and Beyonce! They are both amazing and this is unquestionable!

Rihanna and Beyonce!  They are both amazing and this is unquestionable!
Rihanna and Beyonce!  They are both amazing and this is unquestionable!

Both of these awesome ladies have done great jobs in 2016. Like they usually do, they rocked the scene with their music and performances. However, just because these women have the same ethnic origins they are unnecessarily compared with each other.

Recently, the 2017 nominees of the legendary Grammy Awards were announced! No one was surprised that these two ladies have the most number of nominations!

Beyonce is nominated in 9 different categories and the most nominations for the night. Rihanna also followed her with 8 nominations!

Right after the announcement of nominations, Rihanna liked a photo on Instagram, that is sort of shading Beyonce.

The meme was posted by a Riri fan rihannagang with the following comment:

 “I think they didn’t want her tied or passing someone else *cough cough*”

This comment was followed by a lemon emoji, which is known to be symbol for Beyonce's recent album.

This is how things went down: The meme made with a photo of Rihanna and the following Beyonce-indicating caption!

When Rihanna liked this post, everyone thought for a second that she is involved in this opposition. However, Riri made a stance with her comment and clarified all of the questions in our minds.

Rihanna has proven how awesome she is once more! These ladies are both divine on their own and that's what matters the most!

We congragulate both of these ladies for being this amazing! 😍

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