Right From The Heart Of War! Fascinating Drawings From A 21 Year-Old World War II Soldier


21 year-old World War II soldier Victor A.Lundy donated his sketchbook which full of his drawing about the war. Here are some of the amazing photos in his sketchbook.

Source: https://www.artfido.com/the-sketchbooks-...

Victor A. Lundy, enlisted in the Army Special Army Special Training program when he was 19 years-old. Later on, he was thrown into the middle of the war in 1944 at the age of 21.

Years and years passed and Lundy became a well-known American architect and he donated his sketchbook to the Library of Congress which was full of his drawings that centered in the heart of the World War II. Beginning with his trainings, he drew and drew from May to November in 1944. Sketchbook contains 158 drawings of him which some of them lost. He kept the little sketchbook in his pocket because He says: "For me, drawing is sort of synonymous of thinking." 

Shep sitting cross-legged in his helmet and knapsack while stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, May 10.

Home Sweet Home. A soldier in hammock while stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, June 1.

Bill Shepard from behind, lying on the ground while stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, June 6.

Attacak on a fortified position, July 5.

Line from ship being dropped to tugboat in New York Harbor, August 26.

Soldiers standing at railing of ship in New York, August 26.

Soldiers on watch tower and deck of ship at night, August 28.

Cold as hell, chilling atmosphere in the deck, August 28.

Church in Crasville, France, September 13.

One of the 4-men German patrol who didn't get back, November 1.

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