Prime Video’s ‘The One That Got Away’ Proves You Must Look Back to Find Love

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If you are searching for a magnificent reality show to keep you going this summer, Prime Video got you covered. Reality shows are the real deal; they offer fans the opportunity to kill the monotony of following theories and storylines. 

Prime Video’s The One That Got Away follows a squad of singles looking for their better halves. What if their better half was someone from their past? Either the stranger who appeared in their lives briefly or the unappreciated crushes?


Whether disconnected due to bad timing, life events, or distance, the primary cast will get the opportunity to reunite with someone they previously knew and find their potential ones. 

We see different reactions from the contestants as they reunite with their former friends, crushes or lovers. Reconnecting the past and present isn’t effortless for the cast.

Cast and Crew

Songwriter and singer, Betty of Somebody Loves You hosts The One That Got Away alongside Elan Gale of FBoy Island and The Bachelor as the chief producer and show-runner. 

Your cast for the show includes Ashley Algarin, Allyssa Anderson, Kasey Ma, Nigel Sydnor, Jeff Perla, Vince Xu, and Betty Who.

Premiere Date

Prime Video has taken it to its primary Twitter account to share the great news alongside a 30-second video clip concerning the show. 

The platform has also released the film’s official trailer via YouTube for more descriptions. The One That Got Away launches this Friday, June 24th. You can’t afford to miss this one!

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