Paramount Plus' 'Players' Discloses the most Competitive Gaming Parody

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If you adore documentary-style films, then Paramount Plus is your place. The streaming network has returned with another accomplishment, Players, a docu-film that deeply looks at the world's most competitive gaming. 

Originating from Netflix's documentary film American Vandal creators and Peabody Award champions Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda, Players centers on the competitive gaming world.


From the trailer, we see the League of Legends gaming crew striving to grab the championship title after years of almost winning and several heartbreaking games. 

However, to win the title, the crew of twenty-seven-year-olds is forced to hire the teenager gaming genius, Organizm, whose professionalism in the game and the limelight threatens to crew's individual and collective egos.

Cast and Crew

Players stars Ely Henry portraying coach Kyle Braxton, Da'Jour Jones playing Organizm, and Misha Brooks representing Creamcheese. Other characters include Dan Perrault, Luke Tennie, Michael Ahn, Noh D-Hyeon, Alexa Mansour, Moses Storm, Youngbin Chung, and Peter Thurnwald. Stephen Schneider and Holly Chou will also appear in the film. 

The series' creators, Perrault and Yacenda, also serve as the chief producers, with Yacenda directing. Other chief producers are Jim Ziegler, Mike Farah, and Joe Farrell.

When is 'Players' Premiering

Paramount+ has taken it to its main Twitter Page to share the premiere news accompanied by a 2-minutes, 38- seconds trailer. For more descriptions, you can also enjoy the official trailer on Paramount Plus' YouTube Channel. 

Players debuts this Thursday, June 16th. You can afford to miss this one.

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