Our Father Of The Year Candidate: David Beckham!


The best man and father! David Beckham's popularity and skills never disappoint do they?! Here we list some of his extraordinary features to show you why he's our candidate!

1. His success in soccer,

2. His charisma,

3. And his warm-heartedness makes us believe that he is from another world!

4. Do you think he doesn’t have more? Of course he does!

5. Beckham added another great feature to himself when he became a father a few years ago.

6. A great father!

7. A father who throws pancake parties for his kids,

8. Who goes to events with them,

9. Who jokes around,

10. Who shows his love often,

11. Sometimes embarrassing them,

Click to watch the video 👆🏻

12. A true father!

13. He is also trying to make his children happy like other parents,

14. Giving special attention to them,

15. Trying to keep the memories,

16. Sometimes even becoming a toy for his kid,


18. But getting the prize every time!

19. His kids adore him!


21. Trying to dress like him,

22. And playing soccer like him,

23. It’s clear how much Beckham loves them back!



26. He shares his love not only with his children, but also with kids around the world.

27. And gains everyone’s admiration once again.

28. Keep it up, Beckham! 👏👏👏

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