Not Keeping Up With Its Speed: 13 Games That Will Be Released in 2022 and That We're Looking Forward to

Not Keeping Up With Its Speed: 13 Games That Will Be Released in 2022 and That We're Looking Forward to

January 22 2022 - 12:28am

As gamers, after 2021, where the effects of the pandemic still continue and which did not meet our expectations, a thunderous 2022 awaits us! Let's take a look at the 13 most anticipated games that are scheduled to debut in 2022.

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1. Dying Light 2 - 4 February 2022

The year 2022 will be full of games, and February will be one of the most explosive months of this year. The final level has now been entered for the sequel to the popular Dying Light. We are already very excited for the production, which takes us right into the middle of a zombie apocalypse and attracts attention with its successful parkour and fighting mechanics.

2. Horizon Forbidden West - 18 February 2022

Although the initial release date for Horizon Forbidden West was 2021, the production faced a delay. We will witness Aloy's adventure from where we left off, with the highly anticipated next game of the Horizon series, which made its debut for the PC platform after its release as a PS special game.

3. Elden Ring - 25 February 2022

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games not only of 2022 but of recent years, whose comments are already great and will lock many players on the screen with the universe it has created.

4. Gran Turismo 7 - 4 March 2022

Especially with Gran Turismo 7, one of the most anticipated productions of the year by racing game enthusiasts, realistic graphics and gameplay dynamics that we have not seen before are waiting for us. In short, we have good reasons to be excited about this game.

5. Marvel’s Midnight Suns - March 2022

Marvel's Midnight Suns, which is preparing to appear as a turn-based strategy type production, is among the most remarkable ones of the year. We will fight against an ancient evil in the game, which will allow us to add many characters we know from the Marvel world to our team.

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6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl - 28 April 2022

Returning to Pripyat, where one of the biggest nuclear disasters the world has ever seen, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series reappears after many years with its sequel. We will re-enter The Zone with a series that has improved itself in terms of gameplay, graphics, and many more over the years.

7. Vampire The Masquerade - Swansong - 19 May 2022

Although the expectations are high for the production, which will allow us to step back into the universe of Vampire The Masquerade, which handles the vampire theme most successfully in the game world, it is not clear whether it will be able to handle them. Still, it's no coincidence that it's among the most anticipated for 2022.

8. Starfield - November 2022

Of course, it is not surprising that the next game of Bethesda, which is one of the companies that set the standards for open-world RPG games, is expected with such curiosity and excitement. Starfield, developed by Bethesda, which will come out with an original IP after many years, is already making our mouths water as players.

9. God Of War Ragnarok - 2022

We are getting ready to witness the journeys of Atreus and Kratos again in the sequel of the God of War series, which has already reached the level of a modern classic. The game's release date is an unknown of 2022.

10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 - 2022

One of the productions that will appear in an indefinite period of 2022 is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. After the first game, which added a new dimension to the long-established series, the gamers talk about the sequel with great anticipation.

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11. A Plague Tale: Requiem - 2022

The sequel of A Plague Tale: Innocence, which has managed to hook the player with its story, graphics, and atmosphere from the very first moment, takes us back to the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the middle ages. The production will be released this year if there is no delay, but we do not have a clear date.

12. Gotham Knights - 2022

Another production expected to be released in 2022 is Gotham Knights, which will take us to the gloomy and crime-filled streets of Gotham City. There is no clear release date for the game, which will feature many of DC's favorite characters.

13. Hogwarts Legacy - 2202

We've been waiting for this game for so long! Hogwarts Legacy, the open-world RPG game that is preparing to present the world of Harry Potter in our dreams, is among the most anticipated for 2022. The expectations for the production, in which we will step into the corridors of Hogwarts with our character and have a complete experience, are also quite high.

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