New Hottie Of Netflix! 9 Reasons Why Noah Centineo Is Our New Internet Crush!


Let's eagerly count the 9 most obvious reasons why Noah Centineo is the man we've been waiting for.


1. The Look

And the voice, of course. His constant mood is like ''I just woke up from a nap, sup?'' Like, does he sleep with his streetwear on? His hair is messy and he has ''bedroom eyes''. As for that scar? He was attacked by a dog when he was little. It sure does add more beauty to this perfectly imperfect boy.

2. He's the right age.

You know what was one of the most used searches on Google? ''Noah Centineo age.'' At 22, we can feel OK with our collective crush. (By the way he's 6'1.''.)

3. He's okay with being ''soft''

For some reason, most males are scared of getting vulnerable in rom-coms or getting in superhero tights but there is nothing wrong with that and Centineo is cool with portraying a romantic role after To All the Boys I've Loved Before's Peter Kavinsky and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser's Jamey. "When it comes to young men doing romantic comedies, you have to have a certain level of openness and vulnerability, while also being that 'male lead' type," he told Vulture"Finding the balance and being able to play comedic moments, play a brutish male, but also have sensitivity and make it all very authentic and natural—you just have to be the type of person to do that, and some actors don't want to be that type of person." Get yourself a man who can do both.

4. He's Good at Standing On His Own Feet

"Everything's available in Los Angeles to those who do go out or want it—and you're not borrowing Mom or Dad's money. If you have your own money, you feel entitled to spending your own money how you'd like to, and that's a slippery slope," he told the L.A. Times.

And he decided to spend his 21st year completely sober, he explains: "It was an act of self-love. Like, ‘Listen, society. You say I can drink legally at 21?' I didn't remember what the 14-year-old Noah was like before partying was a thing. I kind of just had forgotten about that because I got swept up in having friends who were young and doing our own thing and financing our lives."

5. He is chill and doesn't try too hard.

The boy isn't thirsty. While a desire for fame or fans has derailed many Internet Boyfriends in the past years, Noah is the perfect mix of chill and engaged. Even his Instagram captions are sincere and humble.

6. He can troll... in a nice way.

The fans want to believe that the love affair between him and Lana Condor is real, like they are Peter and Lara Jean irl. He is happy to tease this possibility.

Just look at this cute Instagram love letter.

And this one.

7. He knows what he wants.

At just 22, he is emotionally aware. His Twitter account is one of those apps that offer daily gratitude platitudes and affirmations. What does he look for in a girl? Someone who takes care of themselves and someone honest. If you are suitable, get in line gurl!

8. ''That Scene'' was imprompt.

Don't give all the credit to Peter Kavinsky for Centineo's natural charms!

9. He got popular thanks to the Internet.

With two Netflix movies and endless viral moments, Centineo's charm in becoming his generation's defining heartthrob is happening in real-time on and because of the Internet. He knows and he understands Internet culture and embraces being a meme. 😂

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