Netflix Renews ‘Emily in Paris’ for extravagant seasons 3 and 4

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Emily Cooper’s journey to the city of fashion and glamor continues as Isabella Soares’ hit series ‘Emily in Paris’ gets a chance to have its seasons 3 and 4. Netflix has just been renewed the most viewed comedy series of 2020 to hit up the stream very soon.Looking Back on Seasons 1 and 2

In season 1, Emily Cooper (played by Lilly Collins), a marketing executive from Chicago, was chosen to become the American representative to Savoir, a first-rate marketing firm in Paris. 

She is a very high-spirited lady that despite she has no knowledge of the French language or customs and the criticisms by her peers, to add to, her enthusiasm and commitment to her job are remarkable. 

Emily’s career and love life are filled with exhilarating adventures when she earned numerous followers on Instagram because of her beautiful shots, and more so, of her multiple encounters with the bachelors. 

Season 2 deals with Emily’s struggles between her job and her love life. She is being pirated by Sylvie and made a tempting offer to join her newly built company. 

At the same time, she’s dealing with her heart issues between her feelings towards Gabriel and her long-distance relationship with Alfie.

What to expect in seasons 3 and 4

It seems Emily's not turning back to Chicago anytime soon as we expect a more challenging plot and more complex characters from Darren Star, the producer, and creator of the show.

Here’s a list of the series’ casts:

  • Lilly Collins - Emily Cooper

  • Lucas Bravo - Gabriel

  • Ashley Park - Mindy Chen

  • Camille Razat - Camille

  • Lucien Laviscount - Alfie

  • Philippine Leroy-Beau - Sylvie

  • Kate Walsh - Madeline Wheeler

  • William Labadie - Antoine Lambert

  • Samuel Arnold - Julian

  • Bruno Goueri - Luc

  • Charles Martin - Mathieu Cadault

  • Elizabeth Tan - Li

  • Jean-Christophe Bouvet - Pierre Cadault

  • Daria Panchenko - Petra

  • Edith Lemerdy - Gardienne

What do you think will happen on the next two seasons of Emily in Paris? Let us know your comments!

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