Netflix Releases the Canadian Drama Film ‘Falls Around Her’ (2018) – Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More!


A world-famous singer returns to her reservation to live alone after leaving everything behind.

‘Falls Around Her’ is created by a Canadian writer-director-filmmaker Darlene Naponse who is also a community activist, about a successful singer who leaves everything behind to return to her reservation to live alone. 

The film features her hometown in northern First Nation, Ontario which premiered at the 2018 Toronto International.

‘Falls Around Her’ Trailer

The trailer for the drama film ‘Falls Around Her’ is already available on Youtube. The trailer can also be watched below:

‘Falls Around Her’ Plot

Mary (Tantoo Cardinal), is a well-known Anishinaabe artist who visits the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation in Northern Ontario to relax and refuel. However, she soon discovers that popularity and the outside world are not simply left behind. Mary is prodded by her sister Betty (Tina Keeper) to get in touch with her friends and family, and she soon sees the potential in her new life. 

But the past has a tendency of coming back to haunt her, and when Mary starts to hear strange noises surrounding her cabin, she starts to worry that someone might be stalking her. Mary, who is by nature a survivor, decides to flourish in her surroundings, particularly the land.

‘Falls Around Her’ Cast

Below is the top cast of the film ‘Falls Around Her’:

  • Tantoo Cardinal as Mary Birchbark

  • Tina Keeper as Betty Wigwam

  • Gail Maurice as Inez

  • Johnny Issaluk as Albert

  • Rob Stewart as Keith

  • J.D. Nicholsen as Hal

  • Hope McGregor as Ginger

  • Lewis Hodgson as Mining Executive

  • Billy Merasty as Draven

  • Joseph Nakogee as Books

  • Rachel Noel-Gard as Bartender background

  • Will Strongheart as Giigoon

  • Gilbert Trudeau as Buzzard

‘Falls Around Her’ Release Date

‘Falls Around Her’ will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, July 1, 2022.

Are you looking forward to the release of ‘Falls Around Her’ on Netflix? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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