Netflix All Set to Release the Second Season of ‘Chicago Party Aunt’

Netflix All Set to Release the Second Season of ‘Chicago Party Aunt’

Vivian Mwikali
December 16 2022 - 05:51pm

December gets better with the second season of Chicago Party Aunt, created by Chris Witaske, Katie Rich, and Jon Barinholtz. 

The show landed on Netflix for the first season on September 2021, attracting bountiful positive reviews and critics, revealed through a 59% average audience score (supported by a 43% average Tomatometer) on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.5 out of 10 stars on IMDb. 

Chicago Party Aunt is an adult animated situation-comedy based on Chris Witaske’s Twitter page. Netflix had initially ordered a 16-episode Chicago Party Aunt with eight launching in the previous season and the other half in season two.

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What’s the Plot for ‘Chicago Party Aunt’ Season Two?

Witaske’s Chicago Party Aunt, as the name suggests, follows Diane Dunbrowski, the party Aunt, famously known for her party life in Chicago. Although slightly wild at heart, Diane never slows down when it comes to helping others. From the look of things, Diane’s party life might turn into a story of personal growth and positivity in the upcoming season. 

Besides partying, Diane is also a dedicated fan of Chicago sports and Italian beef, although a lot of beer and Marlot must accompany it. In the upcoming season, Diane’s nephew will join her to live together when his parents neglected him after he failed to attend Stanford. Although with a challenging start, Diane and her nephew become best friends as the nephew gradually adapts to his aunt’s ‘true life.’

Is There a Trailer for ‘Chicago Party Aunt’ Season Two?

Of course! A week ago, Netflix uploaded the official clip for Chicago Party Aunt season two on its primary YouTube Channel. 

The trailer sees Diane and her nephew striving to get along as the two dive into many problematic activities together. Clearly, you have a show to crack your ribs to this holiday.

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Who Created ‘Chicago Party Aunt’?

Chicago Party Aunt is created by Witaske, Rich, and Barinholtz, with Nathan Whitehead heading the music department. 

The creators also serve as the chief producers, alongside Ben Kalina, Antonio Canobbio, Chris Prynoski, Richard Schwartz, Will Gluck, David Stassen, Ike Barinholtz, and Matt Craig. 

Chicago Party Aunt is a co-production of Titmouse Inc. and Olive Bridge Entertainment.

Who Casts ‘Chicago Party Aunt’ Season Two?

Since both seasons were ordered at once, fans should expect to meet similar voice casts from season one, including Lauren Ash (Diane Dunbrowski), Rory O’Malley (Daniel, Diane’s nephew), RuPaul Charles (Gideon), Jill Talley (Bonnie), and Ike Barinholtz (Mark). 

Other characters include Jon Barinholtz, Katie Rich, Bob Odenkirk, and Chris Witaske.

When is ‘Chicago Party Aunt’ Season Two Launching?

Season two of Chicago Party Aunt will land on Friday, December 30th 2022, with eight catchy episodes.

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