Million Dollar Bra! Elsa Hosk Will Wear $1M Fantasy Bra At The 2018 Victoria's Secret Show!


Victoria's Secret has announced that Angel Elsa Hosk will have the incredibly glamorous honor of wearing the million dollar Fantasy Bra this year.


The 29-year-old Elsa Hosk has been working with Victoria's Secret since 2011.

An this year, Swedish model will wear the Fantasy Bra at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

It's made with over 2,100 Swarovski diamonds and it is 100 per cent covered with ateliers' famous crystals and topaz!

It nearly took over 930 hours to make!

It valued at US$1 million and the entire piece has a total of 71 carats woven into its body.

"My body was violently shaking," she told People. "And it wasn’t because I was nervous; I was just excited. It was a cool feeling that I’ve never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I’ll never forget." she added.

She said that if she were to have designed it, this is exactly the look she would have picked herself!

The million-dollar bra is a one-off but shoppers can buy a $250 Swarovski crystal version.

She shared a photo of herself with the million-dollar fantasy bra.

She wrote in the caption: "Hands down best bday present EVER IN LIFE !!!!!! The 2018 fantasy bra 😭😍🙈🌟❤️ This is for everyone that believes in hard work and goes after their wildest dreams !!!! ⭐️ thanks for making mine come true @victoriassecret #[email protected] ❣️❣️❣️❣️can’t wait to wear the million dollar bra down the runway in the #vsfashionshow in a couple of days!"

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