Meet The 47-Year-Old Instagram Model Who Is Probably The Sexiest Grandmother On Earth!

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This stunning Instagram model, Zaklina, became a social media star for being the hottest grandmother in the world. People just can’t get over how old this fashionista is! Let’s get to know her a bit more…


Over 158,000 people follow Kaklina on Instagram, but none of them could probably guess her age...

Zaklina is actually 47, and has TWO grandchildren!

This stunning nana, from Serbia, posts selfies under her “Real Fashionist” online persona.

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of up-and-coming models, even though she is decades their senior!

She says she has picked up her eye for fashion from travelling the world.

Living in various different countries, including Switzerland, France, and Poland has given her an eclectic fashion sense.

She is currently living in Italy.

Zaklina posts a variety of outfits, her luxury accessories, and designer watches and glasses.

She says she wants to encourage women to be, “more wild and embrace their youthfulness.”

Zaklina hopes that posting the selfies on Instagram will encourage other grannies to follow suit

As well as posting her daily outfits on Instagram, Zaklina runs her own fashion blog.

“My main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side.” she says.

People believe that her elegant but edgy sense of style also helps to make her look decades younger.

Here are some of her best shots!

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