Marilyn Monroe's Stunning Photo Collection Is Being Auctioned For $90K!


A stunning collection of photos charting Marilyn Monroe's transformation into an icon of the 20th century has emerged for auction. These rare photos, which we got from Dailymail, will take you back in time and make you take a peek at this magnificent woman's life.

From a shy 20-year-old model, known as Norma Jean Baker, to her final moments as a screen siren depicted just three weeks before her death, more than 100 photos capture her tragic journey.

The stunning images, collected from a variety of sources, are expected to sell for more than $90,000.

The last photos are of the starlet frolicking on a beach in her bathing suit taken by her friend, the late American photographer, George Barris.

These images, taken on July 13, 1962, show the starlet frolicking in a white bathrobe and a towel on a Santa Monica Beach.

George Barris captured the Los Angeles-born star posing against a white wall in an orange top and trousers.

She seemed to be having a whale of a time as she posed in an open-top car in the Hollywood Hills.

The candid snaps show a relaxed Monroe getting her hair done and holding a cocktail glass.

And then here is this photo where she's wearing a red dress with a stunning smile.

The earliest photographs are headshots of a smiling Monroe in a cardigan in 1946 when she was still known as Norma Jean Baker.

The screen siren had the makings of a star even in her early years, as shown with these stunning shots.

Joseph Jasgur's shoot with a young Norma Jean Baker on Zuma beach.


One unusual photo by Eve Arnold captures Monroe reading a book.

Glamorous publicity shots by Ernest Bachrach show the star at the height of her fame.

The sale features photographs taken by Douglas Kirkland during Monroe's famous 'Nude In White Silk Sheet' photoshoot from November 17, 1961.

In the shoot, she lies in bed with nothing but a sheet to protect her modesty.

A publicity photo shows the screen legend beaming as she posed with Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot.

There are 33 photographs of Monroe taken by Barris just weeks before the legend's untimely passing on a Santa Monica Beach and in the Hollywood Hills.

In 1960, she was photographed wearing a crop top and patterned trousers with her then husband, Arthur Miller, stood behind her.

The star posed in a showstopping gold gown in one shot by Ed Clark (left), and slipped into an ivory ruched swimsuit and gold heels for another by Nick de Morgoli (right) Marilyn Monroe at President Kennedy's birthday party in 1962.

Monroe showed off her irrepressible charm with the cast on the set of Let's Make Love, shot by Nat Dallinger.

Most of the photographs include rare instances of Marilyn Monroe. These photos have been seen by very few people.

One rare shot showed her arriving in style in Korea to entertain the troops

This collage shows the blonde beauty beaming as she makes her way through the crowds.

Monroe was seen being helped off the roof of a tank in front of thousands of troops before she performs for troops in Korea.

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