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In the complete trailer for Manifest's last season, Ben Stone and the other passengers look for answers as the Death Date approaches. During the international Netflix fan event Tudum on Saturday, the sneak peek was made public.

With the release of the first trailer for its fourth and final season on Netflix, Manifest has returned from the dead. For the new season, the show's creator Jeff Rake as well as its stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallos, Athena Karkanis, and J.R. Ramirez.

The last season of the program will have 20 episodes, with the first batch premiering on November 4.

'Manifest' Season 4 Details and What to Expect

'Manifest' Season 4 Details and What to Expect

Even though fans don't have many reasons to rejoice when a favorite series ends, this is a good thing for a mystery story like Manifest. 

Putting aside the series finale blues, this indicates that even if the show is preparing for its last flight, the answers are also on the way. The last pieces of the puzzle will be eventually fitted together in Season 4 to show what exactly happened when Flight 828 vanished and landed five years later as if nothing had happened.

Manifest: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

In order to get viewers excited for the future episodes, the trailer opens with a brief review of prior seasons that also highlights some of the series' high points. The fact that Flight 828 vanished mid-flight and none of the passengers on board learned they had been missing for five years until the plane landed in New York is, of course, the main story element.

Since Season 4 picks up two years after the tragic events of Season 3, catching up will play a significant role in the new season. The discovery of flight 828's black box, which will occur in the season's final episodes, is another significant development hinted at in the teaser. 

According to hypotheses generated both within and outside of the series about government conspiracies, predestination, and even alien notions, the artefact may hold the answers to what actually occurred.

For Manifest devotees, the release of Season 4 was a tiny miracle. After the network abruptly cancelled the flight in 2021, the program almost concluded its run without having addressed its main mystery. 

Although Netflix saved the show for a last connection, showrunner Jeff Rake explained that Manifest was originally intended to be a six-season drama. This means that the writers will need to make the most of these final 20 episodes in order to wrap up all the loose ends.

The show had its premiere on NBC, however after its third season, it was cancelled in 2021. Then Manifest found its way to Netflix, where it immediately rose to the top of the streaming service's most-watched series list and expanded to a brand-new audience. Due to the series' recent popularity boom, Netflix decided to acquire the rights to the show and approve its last season.

Part 1 of Manifest Season 4's two 10-episode sections will premiere on Friday, November 4.

'Manifest' Fan Theory Answering the Predicament of the Series: They are All Dead

'Manifest' Fan Theory Answering the Predicament of the Series: They are All Dead

Is it feasible that all passengers and crew on Flight 828 died? When he says, 'I think the plane's trying to tell us that we perished on that flight,' Zeke nails this point on the head at the end of Season 1. 

His character development also seems to support this argument. A year after being frozen in a cave, Zeke was able to emerge on foot. Most people wouldn't have lived to tell his tale, but he did. If Zeke died that way and the callings are more than they seem, it would make sense that he did not actually experience this in life.

Families and friends of the passengers who were not on Flight 828 were probably just in their heads. Making them in the hereafter may be a way for the passengers to deal with the reality of death as they never had proper farewells with their loved ones. They might also have a significant impact on one's response to the callings and decision to follow a path of light or darkness in the hereafter.

Since the show's inception, the callings have been crucial, and they will undoubtedly remain so in Season 4, which has already been teased. They feature a rather ambiguous summons to action and are only experienced by those who were on Flight 828.

It is conceivable that the callings are actually trials or tests of fate if the passengers are indeed deceased. The passengers' destiny may depend on how they choose to respond to the callings in the afterlife. But how would other people exist in the world of the passengers if they are indeed dead since no other character in the series feels the callings?

It would be shocking if death was not at the forefront when the fourth and final season of Manifest reveals the truth about what happened to Flight 828. If the show followed this notion, it would be copying Lost's strategy, but Manifest's finale would make more sense logically than its predecessor. Since it originally took off, Manifest hasn't exactly followed an expected path.

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