Lindsay Lohan's Dramatic History Of Drugs Over 10 Years!


Lindsay Lohan, the almost 30-year old American actress and singer, became famous when she was still a child and has had to struggle a lot with a variety of addictions.  Also partly because of her irresponsible parents, and has experienced hard times. She is currently dating a Russian business man's son, named Egor Tarabasov, and seems to be doing better. Let's take a look at her ups and downs over the years.

2000 - Her eyes were full of intelligence!

2001 - A promising and hopeful young girl...

2002 - Her young adulthood... She had such a natural beauty!

2003 - It is obvious from her eyes and healthy state that she hadn't yet started doing drugs.

2004 - She is just radiant!

2005 - The rumors about her doing drugs started. We can say that only her eyes look different.

2006 - Although you don't see much difference physically, her eyes speak louder; they just don't look the same.

2007- Even though she didn't lose much of her beauty, she looked older than she actually was.

2008 - People were talking about how fast she was aging.

2009 - She looked 40 when she was in her 20's. Her looks were fading gradually.

2010 - It just got worse during these years, when the damage caused by drugs was attempted to be repaired with aesthetic operations.

2011 - She was in and out of rehab, getting better and then worse again.

2012 -This look was mocked for a long time on social media. She looked way older.

2013 - Her eyes and behavior both got weirder over the years.

2014 - The year showing what drugs have done to her most clearly...

2015 - Things started to really get worse. She either had to help herself and get her act together, or somebody had to help her. She looked unhappy, unhealthy and off balance.

2016 - Yes, this is the same woman as the one in the previous photos. Right now Lindsay is in a happy relationship and it is said that she is rehabilitated and is totally clean now.

2017- As of January 2017, Lindsay Lohan is probably converted to Islam. Former 'Mean Girls' star has cleared all of her social media accounts.

As we infer from the photos, doing hard drugs is not that different from having a serving of uranium! Drugs are bad, m'kay?

All of us are impatiently waiting for Lindsay Lohan's next move! It is certain that it will be something unexpected!

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