Leonarda Cianciulli: A Psychokiller Who Made Soap From The Bones Of Her Three Victims!


Serial killers are people with psychopathic tendencies who take pleasure from killing people and who do their job with utmost care.


They are exemplars of evil who perform different rituals and take memories from their victims to quench the blood thirst of their insatiable souls.

There have been many serial killers throughout history that have taken the lives of tens of men without blinking an eye while completing their massacres.


But, there is someone with her deeds as the evidence of how much we can lose our humanity and the bad things humans can do with evil inside.

A female serial killer filled with such evil and her name was Leonarda Cianciulli.


The Italian serial killer, Cianciulli, had brutally killed three women between 1939 and 1940.

Let's take a look at the story which had forced her onto the "death" path before the murders she committed and their aftermath.


Cianciulli who had been brought up in a religious family. She grew up under the influence of superstition, and the mystic creed she received from the diviners until her adulthood.

One day, during a visit to a diviner, the woman told Cianciulli that she would marry soon and have a child but she wouldn't be able to protect her child and the child would die.


She told Cianciulli that the only way to save the child is some magical and mystic creed.

Cianciulli soon married and had two boys.


His elder son left for WWII in 1939 and never returned back.

Cianciulli's fear started to increase and she became afraid of losing her other child.

In order save her only son, she started to turn to magic and mysticism and to appeal to supernatural power that no one would dream of.


At this very moment, ideas, like killing people and appealing to the dead, started to come to her mind.

Cianciulli believed only one thing: she had to sacrifice three humans to save her little boy.


It's imperative that she killed three people and washed her child with the soap she made from these people and made her boy to eat the cake, again made from the remnants of these murdered people.

She began to apply this sick idea towards the end of 1939.


She kidnapped a woman living near her village and killed her with the blow of the axe to the head.

Then she cut the body into pieces and threw the parts into a pot.


She added the sodium hydroxide, known as caustic soda among folks. Later she stirred the parts until they melted into a thick and dark mush and she poured the mixture into a septic tank

She waited until the blood in the basin coagulated and she dried the mixture in an oven.


Then she grounded the dried mixture and mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, and a bit of margarine. Then she kneaded the ingredients. 

They ate the cakes with her son Guiseppe with tea; she even served these cakes to her visitors.

It was time for making soap and for this she killed two middle-aged women by hitting them on the head with a rock.


Their flesh was fatty and white. She melted the pieces in the oven for hours. She then added a bottle of cologne to the mixture. 

And then continued to boil the mixture...

Until she had creamy soaps.


With these soaps, she washed her son first and then she gave the bars of soap to her neighbors.

She died in 1970 while in prison.


Her murders were made into movies.

Some time after the incidents, a visitor suspected Cianciulli and her behavior and went to the police.


Cianciulli who confessed to all crimes in the investigation and was arrested immediately. She drew interest, and of course reaction, with her coldblooded confession that she gave in the court while not feeling any remorse.

The pot she melted her victims in was exhibited at the Criminology Museum in Rome.

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