Keep Calm And Stop Drooling, Sushi-Donuts Are Finally Here!




Boston cream...


Iced and glazed...

We have tried them all, but what about the sushi-donut? There is a new food trend that brings our 2 favorite things together: sushi and donuts. Let's see what a sushi donut is...

When we say "donut," isn't the first thing that comes to mind a sweet deep-fried dough?

And doesn't sushi already have so many varieties from Chirashizushi to Nigirizushi?

These questions didn't stop people from creating a donut sushi... Everything you know will be glazed, sorry razed, to the ground.

As we all know, donuts come in big boxes of madness, and they have become very popular, especially in the USA.

So how did donuts lose their throne?

Firstly, when the Cronut came onto the scene, the cliché of "donut and coffee" was shaken.

What is a Cronut?

CROissant+doNUT= CRONUT. Basically, it's a donut with millefeuille pastry. It's a donut that looks like a croissant.

So what happened afterward?

The craze didn't end there, and sushi donuts happened.

An Australian vegan and raw desert chew Sam started this trend by sharing this interesting idea on her Instagram page, sobeautifullyraw.

You can find Sam's Instagram here.

Sam makes sushi-donuts this way: first, she greases the mold with coconut oil, then she puts in warm sushi rice and tops them with ingredients like wasabi, cashew mayonnaise, black cumin, ginger, and avocado.

The maker of this sushi-donut is another creative chef. This donut includes ingredients like avocado, Sriracha sauce, sesame, and spicy mayonnaise.

There are other people who use more traditional methods like placing nori wrapped sushi inside the donut.

This trend keeps on growing, soon enough we could see these in fancy restaurants and probably in the hand of a hipster on the street.

So keep this exciting gourmet idea for an event where you want to impress your guests with your cooking skills.

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