Justin Bieber Insults His Fan On Camera, Says She Makes Him “Sick”

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You may like him, you may enjoy his music, you may even be desperately in love with him, but Justin Bieber will probably get on your nerves this time. He’s under fire once again for insulting one his fans. Here’s what happened.

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Pop star Justin Bieber insulted a fan and said she “made him feel sick.”


According to the Herald Sun, Bieber was in Melbourne for his Purpose tour when he had a run-in with an over-enthusiastic fan, Sabah Helal.

The 20-year-old fan made the mistake of trying to ask the Sorry singer for a photo.


And then he accused her of invading his privacy.

You may be thinking that’s not that bad... He has to deal with the pressure of being a rich, talented, and good looking pop-star with legions of fans. But is he entitled to be a prick to whoever he wants?


Well, no actually. At least not for many of his fans.

Unfortunately, his exact words were, “Look at you, you make me sick.”

Sabah’s mum, Houda Bennaou, has labelled the star’s behavior ‘disgusting.’

Houda said: "My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her."

Here’s a tweet from someone who witnessed the scene.

What’s more is that, apparently at the performance that evening Bieber kept his hands in his pockets for the first few songs...

Not cool, Justin. Not cool.  😡

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