Jake Paul Net Worth: What is the YouTuber and Professional Boxer’s Net Worth Now?

> Jake Paul Net Worth: What is the YouTuber and Professional Boxer’s Net Worth Now?

Are you familiar with the social networking app Vine? If so, then you probably know Jake Paul and chances are, you’ve seen his work multiple times on the application. He is just one good example of someone who found fame and fortune through the use of social media, but at the same time used his platform for his own downfall. But before Jake Paul had his now glamorous life, let us take a look at some important things that we should know about how the now 25-year-old built his career, wealth, and net worth.

Jake Paul started on Vine

When Vine was launched in 2013, Jake Paul found himself at the advantage of building a following on the app. He mostly posted 6-second comedic videos on the app. By the time Vine was discontinued, he had already earned 5.3 million followers and more than 2 billion views.

He moved to YouTube when Vine was discontinued

Since he already had a good fan base on the short-form video app Vine, Jake Paul found it easy to transition to YouTube. He started his YouTube channel in May 2014 and mostly featured pranks, controversies, and other comedy skits.

Aside from the usual comedy videos that he posts, Jake Paul also used YouTube to showcase his songs. Three years after he opened his channel, he uploaded his very first song, “It’s Everyday Bro”, in May 2017. The song already has 289 million views as of March 2022.

Jake Paul became a Disney star

Because of his then decent image and his expertise on making comedic content, Jake Paul was picked up by Disney Channel and proceeded to become part of Bizaardvark wherein his character would accept dares and challenges that he would perform. However, in the middle of filming the second season, he was fired from the show because of public complaints against him.

Jake Paul became a professional boxer by fighting and defeating other YouTubers

After being kicked out from his Disney show, Jake Paul made a statement that he would now be focusing on his brand, his YouTube channel, and other ventures.

In 2018, he participated in his first amateur white-collar boxing match against co-YouTuber Deji Olatunji. Their fight was the undercard match for the main event of Logan Paul, his brother, versus KSI, Deji Olatunji’s brother. Jake Paul won in his match versus Olatunji.

More than a year after his fight against Olatunji, Jake Paul entered the professional boxing scene through his match with another YouTuber, AnEsonGib. He won the fight in the first round via TKO. His most recent fight as a professional boxer was versus Tyron Woodley in December 2021 where he also won via TKO in the sixth round.

What is Jake Paul’s Net Worth Now?

It is no longer a surprise to know that Jake Paul will have a huge net worth compared to other people his age. His earnings from YouTube revenues, advertisements and promotions, his songs, and even earnings from his professional boxing career surely contributed to the net worth that he has today. Even with all the controversies and scandals he faced, Jake Paul still has a net worth of $30 million today. Although, reports say that he could easily touch a $100 million net worth if he continues his professional boxing career.

Do you think it was a wise move for Jake Paul to enter professional boxing, or should he have just stayed being a YouTuber?