J.P. Karliak Gets into a North Pole Mission in ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’

J.P. Karliak Gets into a North Pole Mission in ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’

Vivian Mwikali
December 01 2022 - 11:39pm

The mega-streaming platform, Netflix, knows how to deliver the best Christmas movies without repeatedly portraying the same message and content. It applies new techniques and ideas to its Christmas projects while modifying the existing ones to maintain its wide base of fans. 

Netflix recently unveiled a present for the kids this coming holiday with a new Christmas special movie, The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus.

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What’s the Storyline for ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’?

Everyone in the Templeton family is super excited about the upcoming Christmas, except the Boss Baby. His brother tries to awaken his holiday psyche by taking him to the mall to meet Santa, where he gets mixed up with an elf and mistakenly gets transported to the North Pole. 

When everyone thought things would go sour for the Boss Baby, he surprisingly chooses to rule over a toy-making organization at the North Pole.

Has Netflix Released the Trailer for ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’?

Yes. The streaming platform posted a trailer for the upcoming The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus movie under its Netflix After School YouTube Channel. 

The trailer kicks off with Boss Baby reluctantly agreeing to meet the mall’s Santa after his brother Tim’s persuasion. Boss Baby doesn’t appear to fall for the Christmas bells before he is mistakenly airlifted to the North Pole.

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Who are Behind ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’?

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus is chiefly produced by Brandon Sawyer, alongside Matt Engstrom as the supervising producer, both from other Netflix Boss Baby projects. 

The film is a project of DreamWorks Animation.

Who Plays Who in ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’?

Netflix’s upcoming film brings back most voice actors from the previous Boss Baby projects, including JP Karliak as Boss Baby, Pierce Gagnon as Tim Templeton, Ray Chase as Dongle, David Collins as Dad Templeton, and Hope Levy as Mon Templeton.

Other voices include George Lopez (Santa), Jodi Benson (Lala Doo-Da), Ben Lepley (Noth Pole), Alex Cazares (Staci), Justin Felbinger (Danny Petrosky), and Kevin M. Richardson (Jimbo).

When is ‘The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus’ Debuting?

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus launches on Tuesday, December 6th, exclusively on Netflix, running for 45 minutes. 

The film has been G-rated, meaning your entire family can comfortably dive in.

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