It's OFFICIAL: Prison Break Season 5 Gets A Premiere Date!


Fox caused a good deal of excitement last year when they announced that the incredibly popular Prison Break would be returning for a limited revival in 2017. Since then, fans were hoping it might not be all that long to wait for the new season. What’s more, at the time, the show’s cast said they expected new episodes to hit our screens in early 2017. 

As filming for the new season was scheduled to take place back in spring 2016 – meaning it’s expected to be complete by now, this week Prison Break season 5 premiere date was been finally announced! Here are the details we know so far:

Back in 2010 - a year after Prison Break originally wrapped - series lead Wentworth Miller implied that the show was unlikely to return: "I feel as though we told the story we intended to tell. That's something that's very rare in television - that you're allowed closure - and we were."

You can understand the sentiment, since the series finale "The Final Break" had left Miller's character - aesthetically pleasing, plentifully tattooed architect Michael Scofield - dead and buried.

5 years later, at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour, Fox announced that the prison drama is returning as an event series.

"We have another event series in development that we're excited to tell you about," Fox boss Gary Newman said. "Finally we can confirm that we're in development on Prison Break."

Finally, at the 2016 Winter Press Tour, the network announced Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will return for a new event series.

According to the announcement, original producers Paul T. Scheuring, Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein, and Dawn Olmstead will return to executive-produce the revival. Scheuring will serve as showrunner/writer.

When Fox first confirmed that Prison Break would be returning for a fifth season, they didn’t hide the fact that the new season would take a while to hit our screens – with both Miller and Purcell committed to other projects.

"We are going to be shooting in April (2016) for a few months and it will be broadcast during the 16-17 season," revealed Fox boss Gary Newman to a small group of reporters last year, adding that the revival will be somewhere between eight and ten episodes.

The premiere date: April 4, 2017

It's official: The first episode of Prison Break season 5 will be released on Fox in the US. on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, as part of the network's midseason schedule. No word on a UK broadcaster or premiere date just yet.

So where will this event series fit into the Prison Break timeline?

The event series will take place after season four, but before the straight-to-DVD movie conclusion.

Good news is: Michael (Miller) is still alive!

Fox boss Dana Walden says: "It picks up the characters several years after we left them in the last season of the show. The brothers will be back. Some of the iconic characters from that show will be back. Not sure Paul knows exactly where he's going over the 10 episode arc, but will definitely address some questions that were set up at the end of the series."

Prison Break cast: Who's coming back?

Miller and Purcell - Michael and his burly brother Lincoln Burrows - were the first to be 100% confirmed by Fox to be taking part in the Prison Break revival.

How about Sara?

After much speculation, Sarah Wayne Callies - Michael's beloved Sara Tancredi - finally signed on officially in March 2016 - confirming the Michael / Sara reunion we've all been pining for.

In terms of the series’ more minor characters, Amaury Nolasco who plays Fernando Sucre confirmed that he’d be “back with the gang” for the upcoming reboot, along with Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin 'C-Note' Franklin.

And of course, Prison Break wouldn't be Prison Break without Theodore Bagwell - so it was no surprise when Robert Knepper's return as the villainous T-Bag was confirmed shortly afterward.

Paul Adelstein, who played the ruthless Kellerman – who eventually turned good – is believed to have signed onto the new season just before filming began last March. 

However, not every character from the original series will be making a return. When Robert Knepper confirmed the return of his character, he also revealed that William Fichtner’s Alexander Mahone wouldn’t be joining them, with the show’s writers unsure where to take the character.

Will there be any more episodes beyond Prison Break Season 5?

When the reboot of Prison Break was confirmed last year, creator Paul Scheuring was keen to stress that the mini-series would be a limited reboot and that there would be no further episodes. However, according to the Inquisitr, Miller recently confirmed that there’s always the possibility of more episodes, saying “There’s always room for more, in my mind. As long as it’s a story that’s worth telling, as long as it feels justified and cool and edgy. It has to be something that’s not going to let the fans down, that’s going to satisfy and surprise. I’m open to the conversation.”

If you can't wait till April, here is the official trailor of Prison Break Season 5:

Last question: How did Michael end up behind bars... again?

"Obviously we left off [the original series] with Michael presumably dead - he wasn't, he ended up working for this organization," Purcell revealed in June 2016.

What are you hoping to see from the rebooted event series? Hit the comments section below with your Prison Break hopes and dreams!

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