Id, Ego or Superego: Which One Leads You?


According to Sigmund Freud’s theory, there are 3 different types of mechanisms that control us, leading how we react in public and decide what we value the most: Id, Ego and Superego. These parts combine to create complex human behavior, but which one are you driven by?

1. You’re a guest in a friend's house. You got thirsty and went to the kitchen, but couldn’t find the glasses. What would you do?

I would go back inside and ask where the glasses are.
I would yell and ask where they are.
I would use the tap as a water fountain.

2. A product that you’ve been dying to get is on sale for a limited amount of time, but the only money you have is the money you saved for rent. What would you do?

I would def buy it. YOLO!
I would buy it if someone lends me money.
Oh well. Maybe next time.

3. Suppose it’s a really hot summer day. But there is just one ice cream left in the fridge. What would you do?

I wouldn’t eat it either.
I would eat it when no one is around.
I don’t give a single f*ck! It’s MINE!

4. Suppose you’re the security guard of a food warehouse. No one will notice if you bring some things home. What would you do?

They would already have guessed that was gonna happen.
I would take whatever I want. No one is gonna see anyway.
I would never touch anything. It’s not ethical.

5. Choose one of these foods.

A warm soufflé.
Grilled salmon.
Broccoli salad.
Spaghetti bolognese
Hot dog

6. You’re a guest in one of your friend’s houses. Here’s what’s in the fridge. Which one would you prefer?

Sparkling water

7. Almost done. If you were going to buy one of these items, which one would it be?

8. Be honest: Would you describe yourself as conservative?


9. Finally. Pick the inkblot that is closest to you.

Your principle is pleasure! Result: Id

You lead your life according to your own desires and seek to maximize the pleasure in every stage of your life. It’s always the best to live in the moment, isn’t it? Do whatever you want to do, go whichever way you want to go, you make the rules!

Your principle is reality! Result: Ego

You value your desires, but also have enough of a conscious to do the right things. Being excessively hedonist or absolutely perfect doesn't mean anything, after all. You have a chill mindset but also give importance to other people’s wishes.

We can totally trust someone like you!

Your principle is morality! Result: Superego

Being remembered, getting pleasure, impressing people are not important. There is just one importing thing: doing the right thing!

This is your philosophy of life. You always try to do the right thing by putting people's opinions aside. You don’t give any credit other than to your own mind and conscience.

Wish there were more people like you in this world.

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