How To Spot And Clear Out Negative Energies With Just A Glass Of Water!


Do you believe in the effect of negative energies? There is a considerable amount of people who believe in the impact of negative energies. According to those people, there is a simple way to get rid of these negative energies and all you need is a glass of water!

According to a common belief, we exchange energy with the places we encounter.

The universe is believed to be a bowl of energy soup. Our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are composed of different types of energy. These compositions attract similar energies like themselves. Moreover, the people who come to your place can bring positive or negative energies alongside with them.

It is also believed that these negative energies effect our mood and emotional state.

A pile of negative energies can make us even more pessimistic and can cause stress. What is worse, these energies can sneakily nest in your house and stay there if not cleaned.

These energies have the capacity to attract the course of everything happening in your life.

Negative energies can cause problems in your relationships or can turn you into an incompatible person. As a result, you might feel tired, fragile or tense. Being under the impact of negative energies can lose your joy for living. For that reason, it is essential to balance and clean out the negative energies in the place you live in.

But how do we spot these negative energies?

According to Marina Bravo, who does research on the subject, the solution is simple. Add some sea salt into a clear water glass. Make sure it is not more than the 1/3 of the glass. Fill the glass with water and vinegar.

After preparing your mixture, all you have to do is to put this glass to the room where you think the negative energies come from.

Make sure you put the glass into a hidden spot and don't move the glass for a day. After 24 hours, check the state of the water. If nothing has changed, there are no negative energies inside the room.

However, if you see bubbles or other things inside the water, the room is filled with negative energies.

In order to clear out the negative energies, you need to keep making the same mixture until you get clear water in the end. The mixture has the ability to pull the negative energy and clear out the air. Make sure you get rid of this water, preferably outside your place.

To sum up, if you believe in negative energies, you might want to try this technique for yourself.

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