How Does Snapchat's Puppy Filter Makes Everyone Cuter!


Ordinary selfies are out and Snapchat selfies are in. You might see more and more Instagram posts or even Facebook profile pictures with Snapchat filters. The puppy filter is the most popular amongst Snapchat's filters. There is a reason behind it and we explain why.

1. Duck face, fish lips and the peace sign are things of the past. Now we have the puppy face.

2. It's obvious that people love this filter.

3. But why, exactly, this filter? Surely, we love puppies. They are cute! But is that the only reason?

4. The answer is simple: Because it makes people look prettier!

How come?

5. #1 It gives you smooth skin.

There are lots of filters out there that make skin look smoother, but they overuse the retouch effects and show themselves too much. The puppy filter makes a subtle difference.

6. #2 It shapes the face.

It makes the face thinner and gives it a more oval looking shape, which is closer to the concept of the 'ideal' face. Considering that it's the fashionable thing for women to make their faces look thinner by using contouring, it was inevitable that this filter would be popular.

7. #3 It gives everyone a well shaped and cute looking nose.

A nose is a huge element on the human face. This filter make everyone look cute with the same puppy nose.

8. #4 It creates an illlusion of symmetry.

Symmetry pleases our eyes.. Eyeglasses or accessories like earrings help our faces with the symmetry. This filter is doing the same trick. The symmetrical nose and the puppy ears make our faces look symmetrical.

9. Considering these, we can easily expect the puppy filter to be around for some more time.

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