Hottest Calendar Ever! Germany's Sexy Farm Girls Stripped Off To Show Their Superheroes!


Twelve German farm girls came together and stripped off for a saucy comic book-themed calendar to show that agricultural workers are also superheroes.

For the 2019 edition of the 'Young Farmers Calendar', 12 farm girls stripped off and became superheroes like Superman, Thor and Wolverine.

Six of the farm girls turned models come from Germany and six from Austria.

The theme behind the eye-popping calendar is to celebrate 'our farming heroes'

The chairman of the Bavarian Young Farming Community said: "Day after day, male and female farmers carry out important work and are our everyday heroes.

The calendar looks like an ordinary pin-up one but it has a saucy motive.

Some of the models stripped of for the shoot.

Some of them carried out their jobs with their underwear.

The Community represents about 20,000 young people in rural Bavaria...

And their aim is to highlight the importance of agriculture.

One of the calendar girls said: "My dad told me I should not reveal too much, but now he is quite proud of me."

The Young Farmers Calendar has a longstanding tradition of 17 years.

Community added: "We have tried to depict this in the new calendar and artistically project the heroes' superpowers on our enchanting calendar girls."

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