Hollywood's Favorite Couple: Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively


Yes, everybody knows how handsome, romantic, sensitive and perfect a guy Ryan Reynolds is. However, today we're talking about our favorite couple Blake and Ryan! They look like they are living a fairy tale, and we like seeing them!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the sweetest. Perfect couple alert!


Damn right.

Guess what; Who attended the dinner party of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau at the White House?

Of course Reynolds! We can say that their cuteness has reached another level.

Don't they look amazing?


Classy, right?

White House is on fire! 🔥


Blake's dress has left us speechless. Her dress and her accessories made her look amazingly chic.


You can tell that Lively is tasteful. We can see that from choices: both dress and husband.🙈

Ryan knows how to dress well! The handsome actor was looking hot in his suit.


You should wear suits more often Ryan😍

Their amazingness is not limited to their looks.


It's hard not to notice the passionate love between those two.

Look at them! They are so very happy! 😍


And this perfect shot...


Once again, Ryan and Blake showed everyone how to be a perfect couple!


We wish that our sweetest couple will live happily ever after! 🙏 

May everyone find a love like theirs!❤️

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