Here's Megan Fox's Doppelganger Cláudia Alende


Celebrity doppelgangers are always interesting!

This is Cláudia Alende.

She was born in 1995 in Brazil.

She has almost 3 million followers on Instagram, and this number is huge for a non-celebrity!

Her lingerie shots and her resemblance to Megan Fox have attracted many people in a very short time!

She came second in Miss Bum Bum, a Brazilian contest where they pick the best hips, in 2014. She was the favorite nominee of the audience.

This contest has gained her more and more recognition. She is known as the Brazilian Megan Fox.

The model turned this resemblance into an opportunity. She is currently making projects with many famous brands.

Unlike Megan Fox, Cláudia has had no plastic surgeries.

The model, who has got fans all over the world, is engaged. She has been together with him since she was 12.

Do you think they look alike?

They are almost like twins!
Yes, they resemble one another, but it's not a big deal.
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