Famous YouTuber MrBeast Releases New Video Sponsoring 1,000 Cataract Surgeries: Fishes Negative Comments

etiket Famous YouTuber MrBeast Releases New Video Sponsoring 1,000 Cataract Surgeries: Fishes Negative Comments

Pauline Nicole Sael
January 31 2023 - 07:38pm

Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson, one of the most popular YouTube creators, is a brilliant showman who has developed a reputation for being a compassionate philanthropist. He uses the money he earns from endorsements and YouTube videos to fund increasingly aspirational humanitarian efforts.

The person with the most subscribers on YouTube just paid for simple eye surgery for 1,000 people, curing them of their blindness.

Jimmy Donaldson, 24, who goes by the youtube alias MrBeast, published a video showing the dozens of US and international patients whose severe cataracts he has removed with the aid of the nonprofit organization See.

The majority of viewers praised MrBeast as a hero for giving these folks the chance to receive a surgery they otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford, but some viewers condemned the author for utilizing his charitable gestures as 'content.'

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MrBeast and His Latest Charity Contents

MrBeast and His Latest Charity Contents

MrBeast, a well-known YouTuber, has a history of performing outlandish and incredible feats. MrBeast is one of the most popular creators on the video-sharing network, with videos ranging from him walking on water to him running his own Squid Game competition.

He has made use of his fame for good in a variety of ways, frequently producing videos with them and even creating a channel specifically for his charitable endeavors. As MrBeast strives to help those in need, videos like 'Giving $1,000,000 Of Food To People In Need' and 'I Gave $200,000 To People Who Lost Their Jobs' garner millions of views on his channel.

The most recent video by the content producer was paying for 1,000 people who were blind or nearly blind but could not afford the operation to get their cataracts removed.

MrBeast declares in the Saturday video, which had received over 32 million views as of Sunday afternoon, 'We're treating a thousand people's blindness.'

The video includes heartwarming before-and-after shots of patients seeing clearly following the operation. The YouTuber also handed some of the participants financial donations and other goodies.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Donaldson collaborated with ophthalmologist and surgeon Jeff Levenson to carry out the initial series of operations. Levenson has managed the 'Gift of Sight' program, which offers free cataract surgery to uninsured individuals who are rendered legally blind by cataracts, for more than 20 years.

Levenson states in the film that those who require cataract removal surgery account for half of all blindness worldwide.

“In the days and weeks after my own cataract surgery, I was stunned by how bright and beautiful and vivid the world was,” he stated . “But I was shocked by the idea that there are hundreds of millions, probably 200 million people around the world, who are blind or nearly blind from cataracts and who don’t have access to the surgery.”

In September, Levenson received a call from a member of Donaldson's staff. He stated, 'I had never heard of Mr. Beast. I nearly hung up, so. However, I thankfully did not disconnect.

In order to compile a list of patients in the Jacksonville region who required cataract surgery but were unable to pay for it, they first called homeless shelters and free clinics. They eventually had a group of 40 patients, and Levenson operated on them all in one day, beginning at 7 a.m. starting at 6 p.m., and.

According to Levenson, the patients' skepticism that someone would actually find them to save them from blindness and then have the decency and spirit of kindness to provide the treatment.

Additionally, the ophthalmologist put Donaldson's group in touch with SEE International, whose chief medical officer he is. Patients in need can receive free eye care anywhere in the world thanks to the foundation. With the assistance of the group, Donaldson was able to operate on 1,000 patients over the course of around three weeks. In the video, patients are seen in Jamaica, Honduras, Namibia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Kenya undergoing surgery.

The video received the usual excitement and awe in the comments area and on Twitter within hours. Others have difficulties with the video, particularly with the health care-related topics it presents. Many people argued that Mr. Beast's procedures, which he is paying for out of pocket, represent what universal healthcare might look like. Some people noted that the ad emphasizes the gap between Americans who can afford healthcare and those who cannot.

Negative Comments on MrBeast’s Current Charity Video

Negative Comments on MrBeast’s Current Charity Video

Because MrBeast's philanthropic deeds frequently hide a painful truth beneath the gleaming exterior, his habit of showering strangers with money in exchange for content has long been the subject of mild humor on Twitter.

MrBeast's motives have been called into doubt previously. The producer of the Netflix series Squid Game recruited 456 participants—a sizable amount from the show—to participate in a live Squid Game at the height of the show's success. Many viewers viewed the series as a dissertation against capitalism, or at the very least a critique of finding entertainment value in low-earning people fighting for enormous sums of money. Viewers instantly pointed out that the prank utterly missed the point of the series.

When young viewers perceive these videos as acts of messianic empathy, the reality that they are mostly made for fame and money gives them a sinister undertone; after all, one can't always rely on YouTubers' good intentions.

Despite his best intentions, his most recent attempts to help blind people have also drawn criticism. Just hours after being live, the film titled '1,000 Blind People See For The First Time' has already received over 40 million views. We have already witnessed significant discussion about it on Twitter due to its viral traction.

The 'curing blindness' video by Mr. Beast, which had an especially repulsive thumbnail, truly brought home the point that this straightforward, game-changing medical technique has become 'content' because it is unavailable to people who need it.

Due to this, numerous Twitter users expressed their unease, calling the video 'demonic,' and making fun of MrBeast.

In response, MrBeast's supporters became defensive, citing all the charitable endeavors the YouTuber has financed, which likely amounts to more altruism than all of his detractors put together; after all, most individuals just lack the desire or the resources to donate large sums of money to charity.

Hasan Piker, a political streamer, said he was 'full with rage' after viewing MrBeast's 'curing blindness' video on Twitch and added, 'We shut off access to a 10-minute procedure because we paywalled it and decided that some people simply can't get it.'

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Piker went on to say that it shouldn't be left to 'one YouTube guy' to perform surgery on those who aren't able to pay for it themselves. He was frustrated, he said.

MrBeast is glad to claim the glory for making these people's lives better, but would it really be that difficult to spend a few seconds on each video outlining the circumstances that caused his subjects' struggles? Adding some context could help a lot.

Final Words

Final Words

Despite attacks, Mr. Beast currently seems unstoppable. It is up to his detractors to judge whether they want to increase their numbers given that his content-ification of charitable works persists to garner attention.

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