Experience the Divine in ‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’


‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’ welcomes you to a divine food extravaganza, featuring Mexico's culinary culture and the heavenly flavors which will leave your mouth watering. The new series will be streaming on Netflix this Wednesday, January 19.

Heavenly Bites | Official Trailer | Netflix

‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’ Takes You To A Delightful Trip

‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’ is a six-part food series that focuses on the exploration of Mexican flavors and cooking.

The series will follow various characters as they embark on a Mexican culinary journey and prepare tasty and delicious dishes that can surely be a feast for your eyes.

Several chefs are part of the six-part series. They will show their love and passion for food, along with their creativity and own style.


The Face Of ‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’

Memo Villegas will be the host of ‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico,’ surely taking you through a mouth-watering culinary adventure. 

Memo Villegas is a very famous actor who started his career in 2007.

Over the last decade, Villegas has participated in more than 15 plays and in a dozen films. 

He is popularly known for starring in various movies including Run Coyote Run (2017), The Chosen (2016) and Backdoor (2019). Villegas can also be seen in the Netflix series: "Narcos: Mexico" and in the comic sketches of "Backdoor Mexico" and in the film comedy "Mesero.”

Now, Memo Villegas will be hosting the new and upcoming culinary series on Netflix, entitled 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico.'

The People Behind ‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’

'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' will be directed by Juan Marquez. The director is an alum of Mexico City’s prestigious Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica and co-writer of Lila Avilés’ “The Chambermaid.” 

The upcoming Netflix food series is created by Nacho Gil and Laura Woldenberg. The show will be executively produced by various people including Laura Woldenberg and Ivonne Guiterrez.

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