Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’

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> Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’

Hulu knows how to keep its fans glued to their couches perfectly. 

The streaming platform recently announced its adaptation of Carola Lovering’s award-winning book, Tell Me Lies of 2018, scheduled to launch in early September. 

Straight from her role in Hulu’s mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, Grace Van Patten takes up the leading role in the series alongside other talented characters.

What’s ‘Tell Me Lies’ About?

Plenty can happen in eight years, but Hulu’s upcoming piece condenses it into ten incredible episodes. It narrates the bumpy journey of love between Stephen DeMarco and Lucy Albright. 

The pair meets during their first college years, and the most unexpected events change their lives completely. Their relationship kicks off like any other of that age, quickly falling into an entanglement that affects them and those around them. 

Hulu’s project is a twisted, gripping love tale with a touch of drama relatable to nearly everyone. The series will bring back all the exhilarating and encompassing feelings of young love and all the emotions of your old campus days. This is the first time Lucy leaves home and tries to stay independent- we’ve all been there, right?

The pairs’ families both have each other sides in different ways; their struggles are quite similar, while each one has their way of handling their lives. It all gets complicated and messy, and their love life is threatened when particular secrets come to light. 

The trailer from the streamer’s primary YouTube Channel looks at Stephen and Lucy’s sprouting love. From moments of flirtations, love, tension, and romance to even more dark and compelling events that only need you to tune in to Hulu for better understanding.

Who are the Showrunners and Cast?

Tell Me Lies is chiefly produced by Emma Roberts, Meaghan Oppenheimer, Jonathan Levine, and Karah Preiss. Oppenheimer is also the showrunner alongside Stephanie Noonan, Laura Lewis, Matt Matruski (Rebelle Media), Sam Schlaifer, and Shannon Gibson (VICE Studios). 

Carola Lovering serves as the consulting producer for the series. Tell Me Lies is an Emma Roberts’ Belletrist TV and Hulu co-production.

The show creators incorporated several talents from Grace Van Patten (Lucy Albright), Jackson White (Stephen DeMarco), Alicia Crowder (Diana), Benjamin Wadsworth (Drew), Branden Cook (Evan), Sonia Mena (Pippa), Spencer House (Wrigley), and Catherine Missal (Bree).

‘Tell Me Lies’ Release Date

The limited series will arrive on our screens on Wednesday, September 7th, exclusively on Hulu, with three episodes followed by weekly releases, totaling ten amazing episodes.