Essential Details About HBO Max's ‘Harley Quinn’ Season Three

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> Essential Details About HBO Max's ‘Harley Quinn’ Season Three

Fans have been waiting to witness their treasured Mayhem Mistress back to the screens. After ending at a high peak in April 2020, Harley Quinn's production began in September 2021. 

The showrunners Justin Halpern of Powerless and Patrick Schumaker of Abbot Elementary revealed that the third season's production would be done in early 2022.

By March 2022, fans had already started questioning about whereabouts of their beloved female anti-hero, her ride or die, and the favorite cohort of mishits. Well, HBO Max is finally here to deliver!

When Will ‘Harley Quinn’ Premiere?

The long wait is finally over; Harley Quinn season three launches on Thursday, July 28th, exclusively on HBO Max. Three episodes will land on the premiere date, followed by weekly releases until September 15th. 

Ahead of its launch next week, HBO Max has unveiled a new trailer for Harley Quinn season three. You can watch it on the streamer's main YouTube account for more descriptions.

It's evident how much the installment has been yearned for, from the fans' interaction to HBO Max's Twitter page- questions and responses all over!

'Harley Quinn' Season Three Description

The Mayhem mistress and madness resume their roles in the third season of the super hit adult animated comedy show. Finalizing their 'Eat, Bang! Kill adventure, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn get back to Gotham as a new couple of DC Villainy. 

Together with their ragtag squad, ‘Harlivy’ endeavours to become the best version of themselves while working towards Ivy's desired plan of changing Gotham into an Eden Paradise.

Who is in 'Harley Quinn's Season Three?

Returning to season three is Lake Bell of Marvel's What if playing Poison Ivy, Kaley Cuoco of The Flight Attendant acting Harley Quinn, and Ron Funches of Bob's Burger portraying King Shark. Alan Tudyk of Resident Alien enacting Clayface and Tony Hale of Arrested Development impersonating Dr Psycho are also present in the series.

Jason Alexander of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Matt Oberg of Superstore, Christopher Meloni of Happy, and Diedrich Bader of Space Force are also present in the season as Sy Borgman, Kite Man, Commissioner Gordon, and Bruce Wayne, respectively.

Who Created 'Harley Quinn'?

Harley Quinn was created by Patrick Schumaker of Surviving Jack, Dean Lorey of Arrested Development, and Justin Halpern of Cougar Town. The series quickly gained popularity due to its perfect blend of violence, humor, and good references to DC stories and characters.

Productions credits go to Delicious Non-Sequitur Productions, Norman Productions, and Warner Bros Animation. Chrissy Pietrosh, Jessica Goldstein, Sam Register, Kaley Cuoco, Patrick Schumaker, and Justin Halpern serve as the chief producers.