Disney Dropped The First Teaser of "Lion King" And The Internet Lost It!


Disney released the first teaser trailer of its remake of The Lion King and the trailer passed 200 million views! Actor James Earl Jones, who voiced Simba's father Mufasa in the original film, narrates the trailer, and everyone is losing their minds! Here's how the shots we see in the teaser trailer compare to the 1994 original...

1. Disney released the first trailer for its live-action remake of the mega-hit film "The Lion King".

2. Disney didn't get a bunch of lions and other animals to learn a script and film their parts.

3. It's all CGI.

4. The trailer is basically the exact same as the animated original.

5. Our first glimpse of Simba as a baby 😍

6. Simba being blessed by Rafiki.

7. And of course the iconic shot 😍

8. Those paws tho❣️

9. Even if it is an exact shot-for-shot remake and bunch of people are criticizing it....

10. We are still going to see it and cry!

11. I mean... This little cutie pie is gonna tell Mufasa to get up? And y'all expect me to not cry?

And here is the video comparison 👇

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