Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: Top 3 Things About Ronaldo’s Career and Net Worth

> Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: Top 3 Things About Ronaldo’s Career and Net Worth

Portuguese professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, or more famously known as Cristiano Ronaldo, first entered the big leagues in 2003 when he was just 18. It has been almost two decades since then and yet it seems that Ronaldo is far from exiting the field. During his entire career, it is no secret that Ronaldo had had some of the most expensive transfers in between teams as well as multiple endorsements for sports-related goods and merchandise. Because of this, it will not come as a surprise to know that Ronaldo already accomplished a lot alongside his massive net worth. Let us take a look at the different things that contributed to Ronaldo’s net worth today.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo had multiple transfers within the year that amounted to hundreds of million dollars.

Ronaldo started his senior career in football when he was still part of Sporting CP, a club based in Lisbon. After his team defeated Manchester United, the manager, Alex Ferguson, knew that Ronaldo would be a valuable addition to his team. This did not come easy, though, since other teams also eyed on recruiting Ronaldo. But to Ferguson’s success, he paid Sporting around $16 million so that the transfer could proceed. Ronaldo officially transferred to Manchester United in 2003.

During his stay in United, he did not disappoint and he led his team to multiple victories in different leagues like the FA Cup, the Premier League, the Champions League, and even the FIFA Club World Cup.

After playing for United for 6 years, Ronaldo was again in a transfer toReal Madrid from 2009 which involved a €94 million ($104 million) transfer. In 2018, he was subject to a €100 million ($111 million) transfer to Juventus after playing for Real Madrid for 9 years.

Basically, Ronaldo’s transfers alone already involved hundreds of million dollars— what more about his salary?

2. His annual salary is in the millions of dollars.

Multiple reports have already proven that paying a superstar athlete is not for empty pockets. Ronaldo’s annual salary alone ranges from $33 million to $88 million! Just imagine having that kind of money every year

3. Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple deals, sponsorships, and endorsements with a multitude of brands.

As Ronaldo climbed up the ranks of the best football players while playing for Manchester United, his sponsorships and endorsements increased. He has worn the Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 football shoe since 2012 and his name has always been attached to the footwear’s advertisements of the particular shoe style. Aside from his endorsements with popular sports-related merchandise, he also had deals with common household items like vitamins, shampoos, and other home staples.

Ronaldo also made sure to not just depend on other brands alone. He set up his own clothing boutique, CR7, in 2006 and also had his own perfume line, Legacy, in 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth Today

With everything combined, Ronaldo’s career, salary, endorsements, and business surely have already brought his net worth higher than we can ever imagine. He also secured a spot in Forbes Highest Paid Athletes for multiple consecutive years. So, what is Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth now?

His net worth this year, 2022, is already at an estimated $500 million! Now while this figure might no longer come as a shock, it’s still amazing that one person can really achieve their dreams of playing their favorite sport while being able to earn big. Do you think his net worth will be higher next year?