'Copenhagen Cowboy’: When Does the Danish Thriller Series Premiere on Netflix?

'Copenhagen Cowboy’: When Does the Danish Thriller Series Premiere on Netflix?

Vivian Mwikali
January 03 2023 - 09:16pm

Nothing can stop Netflix from delivering top-notch shows, not even New Year celebrations. This January 2023, the streamer has a lot of goodies in store for their fans, setting a good pace for the rest of the year. 

Netflix recently uploaded the official trailer for its upcoming noir-thriller and drama show, Copenhagen Cowboy, a Nicolas Winding Refn creation.

Copenhagen Cowboy joins Netflix for its first season nearly six months after the streamer commissioned it as part of its Danish original shows. Winding Refn's social media pages revealed that the show started filming in 2021 to April 2022. 

The show initially launched at Venice Film Festival in September 2022 before acquiring a Netflix premiere date.

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What's the Plot for ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Season One?

Netflix's Copenhagen Cowboy follows a complicated lady, Miu (a mixture of an angel and devil, or something in between), who is vigorously seeking revenge on her enemy, Rakel, with the help of mighty powers. 

Rakel betrayed Miu years ago, and now it's time for Miu’s vengeance if she finds Rakel. Miu sails across the criminal world of Copenhagen to find Rakel, and anyone who crosses her way is a challenge.

‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Season One Trailer

Netflix first shared a sneak peek of the show on September 4th, 2022, before uploading the official trailer two months later. 

The official trailer is quite comprehensive, providing a more profound visual understanding of the upcoming show. 

It kicks off with a voice confessing not to know what Miu is nor what she is capable of- complicated, right? No one seems to understand Miu's real identity while she actively prepares to get revenge.

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The Creative Team Behind ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’?

Copenhagen Cowboy is created by Refn, who also serves as the director and the screenplay writer, alongside Mona Masri, Johanne Algren, and Sara I. Jönsson. 

Julian Winding, Peter Kyed, Peter Peter, and Cliff Martinez work in the music department with chief producers Refn and Liv Corfixen. 

Copenhagen Cowboy is a byNWR Production Company project.

Who Will Appear in ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Season One?

Season one of Copenhagen Cowboy contains various actors portraying different characters, including Angela Bundalovic (Miu), Lola Corfixen (Rakel), Fleur Frilund (Jessica), Zlatko Burić (Miroslav), Jason H-Forssell (Chiang), and Andreas L. Jørgensen (Nicklas). 

Other characters are Dragana Milutinović (Rosella), Lil li Zhang (Mother Hulda), Ramadan Huseini, Mads Brügger, and Mikael Bertelsen.

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When Will ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Season One Debut?

Copenhagen Cowboy season one will land on Thursday, January 5, 2023, with all six episodes launching simultaneously.

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